WISHLIST | When tacky is awesome

You’ve got a wish-list coming at you and it’s so tacky it’s beautiful. It’s like Jeremy Scott wet dream. I LOVE tacky fashion and clothes, always have had a bit of a soft spot for them. For Winter, I have noticed so many mish-mash styles floating around. The style of Winter is very much stereotypical ‘Gay Russian’. Bright furs, mashed together in multiple styles. Textures, everywhere. My picks can be seen down below… wishlist, autumn wishlist, tacky, jeremy scott, balmain for h&M

I’m all about loud prints this season. One of the reasons I picked both of these dresses. The BOOHOO monochrome dress is shift style dress that fits perfectly with my love of sixties fashion. Whilst Balmain is just glam glitter. I still don’t quite understand why Balmain for H&M has such ludicrous prices, far outreaching that of Lagerfeld’s collection for H&M years back… but there you go. Will I buy the glittery green dress? Who knows, but I really want to wear for it for any upcoming parties.

Skinnydip is also another brand I want to rave about. Yes, it’s expensive, but just look at that bee clutch bag! I absolutely adore it and if I have any money to waste once I get paid, this baby is getting bought. The glittery phone case is another tacky wonder. My best friend, Ellie, had a phone case similar to this and I’ve been lusting after one for a while. It’s so tacky, it’s brill.

Faux fur stoles, scarfs etc. have always been a go-to of mine. I own far too much faux-fur accessories and clothing items. I love how loud and bright this scarf is and it will look amazing with my faux leather jacket. Trainers have been also a go-to since I’ve started commuting. They’re comfy and stylish, which is important considering how mangled my feet are. I thought eventually I will splash out on some Adidas or Nike trainers for everyday wear to work and I eyed these ones up and thought: they look super comfy.

On a final note, don’t hate on tacky clothing. Tacky just wants to be loved. It’s all for fashion after all.

E x