What your Choice of Alcohol says about you.

Merlot, Shiraz or a Pint – Whatever it is, your alcohol of choice says a lot about you. I lie, it probably doesn’t, but after a cheeky post work cocktail the other day, me and friend Sian got chatting about what type of gal people are based on their tipple of choice. As you can tell, this blog post is going to be one of my most scholarly works. (Dissertation, step aside).

  1. Wine Spritzer – You’re on a night out with your bitches, but you don’t want to get absolutely hammered as you’ve got a killer outfit on. But then you eventually progress on to actual wine and everything goes topsy-turvy.
  2. Red wine – This wine screams ‘Don’t fucking mess with me, I’m classy damn it’. Cersei Lannister drinks it what more could you want. You might have a deep conversation about relationships, sex and generally taking over the world whilst you drink from your chalice. alcohol, drinks, what your choice of alcohol says about you, cocktails, whiskey, rum,
  3. Rose wine – You don’t really want to drink heavy, you’re at a Summer barbeque or meeting with your nan. But she hands you the bottle so you go for it.
  4. An Ale – You’re at least 40% Yorkshire. You’re just up for a bloody good time.
  5. A Speciality Ale – Because special ale makes it okay to drink all day in a beer garden.
  6. Cider – It’s just nice and fizzy. Think of it like Ribena x200. You don’t want to get too drunk, you just want to feel all warm and cuddly inside. (This category does not include Stella, which is just something else…)
  7. Vodka – You’re probably at university. Or reliving that Freshers period in your head. It’s a cheap night out, but get’s the job done.
  8. Rum – You’ll probably fall asleep at 11pm and you’re okay with that. It’s not full on ‘party’ with this one, but you’re trying to do so.
  9. Whiskey – You’ll probably fall asleep at 10pm. You’re either old, or old at heart.
  10. Cocktails – Essentially, the best form of alcohol. They taste nicer than the rest and you’re having a cheeky sit down with your lads/girls/etc. to catch-up. You never really know what you’re exactly going to get with this one. Everyone loves a cocktail… or Mocktail.
    What your choice of alcohol says about you, what your drink says about you, alcohol, drinks, elleanorwears

If you don’t drink this is probably the most irrelevant post to you ever and I apologise for that. Just so you know, it’s actually quite rare for me to go out and drink alcohol. There’s nothing wrong with not drinking – There’s so much pressure on people to.

Are there any I’ve missed off this list I shouldn’t have? Which one are you?


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  • Rachel Wood

    I love the Vodka one! It definitely is a “getting the job done” drink (although goes into a lot of cocktails so is a winner! x


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