What Happens at the Blogger’s Xmas #BloggersXmas

Every now and then I go to blogger’s events. This year I decided to go to the #BloggersXmas as part of a weekend break in London!

The Blogger’s Xmas was organised by the lovely gals from Soeurs de Luxe and they were lovely enough to offer me a ticket for free as a VIB. So here’s how my day went down…

Every time I go to London, there’s stress. Most likely ending in me crying on the tube station – tragic. Luckily for me however, getting to the Blogger’s Xmas from Euston was easier than expected! I only had to take one tube from Euston and even though I had a suitcase, it all went fine… In a stressed Northern sense.

The Blogger’s Xmas event kicked off at 2pm, however it was very open. You didn’t need to worry about getting there at 2pm dead-on, which definitely alleviated the stress for me. I rocked up at 3pm looking a little flustered, but it was fine once I got there.

I was immediately transfixed by the Aromand Candles stand. The owner was absolutely lovely. She was so informative and helpful about her candles, which really showed. I love meeting people and company’s that are genuinely passionate and knowledgable about what they do.

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My personal favourite was ‘Citrus & Cinnamon Spice’. A gorgeous Christmas scent that wasn’t overwhelming, which I find with so many Christmas scents. I’ve been burning her tea light as we speak, and I’m planning on making a purchase for Christmas presents soon.

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I then meandered on over to the Sweet Cheesus stand. Because cheesecake, do I need to say anymore? They produce a range of cheesecakes and are stocked in Waitrose. In their words, they ‘try any flavours’ to make cheesecake. They’re very enthusiastic and excitable about cheesecake and those are my sort of people.

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I then headed to the back of the space and was immediately transfixed by the Blogosphere Magazine. I’ve seen this magazine floating around the blogging community and have wanted to make a purchase, so guess what I did?

The layout of the mag and how communal the magazine feels is great. It’s not just HUGE bloggers that feature; bloggers from all sorts of blog sizings are featured.

As I kept meandering around (looking mostly oblivious), I noticed the Scandinavian brand Miiko pop up.  The girls there explained a few bits and bobs about the ethos of the brand, how it inspires and empowers women and naturally I had to look at the clothes. Their clothes are very well made, on first appearance. Big chunky knits, comfortable dresses and nude colour tones run throughout their collection.

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Next to Blogosphere were the lovely guys from Jewellery Box. If you’ve been to many blog events in London, you’ve probably seen these guys. They provide dainty, affordable jewellery options and are a gorgeous independent option for jewellery. I’ve even received a necklace from them before!

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There are quite a few (a lot) of brands that I’ve missed off on this list that attended. This was either A. because I didn’t get any pictures or B. I missed you and had to head off!

You might be wondering, did I head to this alone? Yes.

I’m generally not really put off by going to social events alone, but yes I do worry if everyone will irrationally hate me.

But honestly it’s fine. The reality is, not every blogger has a set of ‘blogging friends’. I’m one of those bloggers. Don’t be put off by going to blogger events alone, it’s quite empowering in honesty! Striking up conversation with bloggers you don’t know is good. Sure, you’ll feel a bit odd, but it’s lovely.

Plus you’ll probably recognise fellow bloggers online and striking up conversations with them is so much easier when you’ve been reading their blogs for a while!

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  • The event sounds amazing and the little earrings advent calendar is so cute!


  • These photos are lovely! I’m glad you had a good time – I’m one of those bloggers who’s absolutely terrified of going alone! I think it’s more that I’m scared that people will think I’m weird if I try and strike up a conversation with them…

    Laura Wardrobe