University through the eyes of my clothes (aka an ode to sweatpants)

I am a current third year literature student with a love of fashion and wearing beautiful clothes, which differs me from the majority of my town or ‘city’ population. Now don’t get me wrong, this is not necessarily a bad thing and it is by no means a ‘bad thing’ for which I judge people for. Everybody has different interests whatever etc. etc.

Here I present to you a timeline of my university experience through my clothes, enjoy.

First Year: I try to make an effort, hell, I want to and I do. But as the year progresses, you notice everybody else start to don more sweatpants and trackies than pretty dresses. The heels on nights out become scarcer and scarcer and being already 5 foot 8, you stand out even more when you still wear your heels. Despite the near vertical hill, you still maintain that your heels ‘don’t hurt’ (when they really really do, but they’re so pretty!). People ask you why you dress the way you do and how can you be bothered to make the effort, but whatever response you make, you always think you look like a pretentious twat.

Second Year: For me second year was incredibly difficult, due to numerous unexpected events that happened in first year (god why did it have to happen to me?), but I trekked on. My sense of style however dwindled. I lacked inspiration, and didn’t feel any motivation to do, well anything. I questioned why I was at university, why hadn’t I quit yet etc. As I sunk into a deep depression, my creativity was completely lost and to somebody that loves clothes, I just wasn’t interested. Towards the end of the year, I slowly creeped out of it and joined the newspaper team as a fashion editor in a not-so fashion-y town. It struck me for inspiration again and I slowly started to buy Vogue regularly and keep up with news.

Third Year: Third Year can be defined by two words: running gear. In this year, I began running regularly again, training for races etc. and to put it bluntly, it was really comfy (and my bum looked good in it). Despite having to wear a bra underneath my sports bra (the struggle is real big-boobed women) because of my 30H boobs, it was still ridiculously comfy. I also started to wear jeans and trousers more regularly, which was just completely not me. By second semester of third year, the sweatpants became more frequent, my unpainted face more apparent and comfy shoes were a must. A complete misconception/stereotype of individuals interested in fashion is that we are insecure about our bodies. Yeah, I used to be, but now, sweatpants galore- the library demands it.

Grace Cunningham recently rocked Michael Kors pyjamas to the MET Ball Gala, so let’s just say, it’s in the name of fashion.

Anybody else in the same boat as me? Has university in some ways, wrecked your style too?