My Top Restaurants & Eateries To Try In Manchester

Manchester, oh how I love you. 

It’s no secret that I live in Manchester. It’s plastered all over my blog and discovering new places to eat and dine has been one of my favourite things to do here. More and more restaurants and eateries have been popping up over recent years and each one of them has their own niches and specialities. Here are my favourite places for food in Manchester.

Even though a large city, all of these places are easy to get to via Manchester Piccadilly, Victoria or Oxford Road Train Stations. I’ve collated a bunch of different food places in this blog for different tastes. I’ve gone easy for the time being with just restaurants and diners, rather than markets (*ahem, potential blog post maybe?)

  1. Bundobust MCR

    Bundobust is probably my favourite place to eat in Manchester and I have quite the addiction to it.

    It’s an Indian Street Food and Craft Beer restaurant based just off Piccadilly Gardens. It’s in quite an odd spot and you’d easily miss it. It’s 5-minutes walk from Piccadilly train station and does the best Indian food I’ve tried in some time.

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    It’s all veggie, with some dishes vegan as well. You order small dishes, usually 4/5 for 2 people. It’s all super fresh and you don’t feel heavy at all after it. Plus it’s in the city centre and close to everything, with little chance of getting lost.

    Notable food mentions: Okra Fries, Tarka Dhal & Rice, Paneer & Mushroom Tikka

  2. Rudy’s Pizza

    Rudy’s Pizza is a bit of infamous spot with locals in Manchester, but it’s a little bit off the beaten track. Nestled in Ancoats, which is about a 15-minute walk from Piccadilly, it’s my favourite place for pizza.

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    It’s reasonable for the price and you can get some fantastic stone-baked sourdough pizza from here.

    Plus it’s pizza – What more is there to say?

  3. Lust, Luck, Liquor & Burn

    If you want burritos, this is the place you go. This place does outstanding tacos, nachos and burritos and it’s actually the place me and my boyfriend went on a first date. You can find it nestled in the Northern Quarter, which also has plenty of neat little bars to go in for a drink as well. Read their menu here.

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    You can choose from a variety of fillings and these beautiful burritos don’t fall apart easily which is great.

    Notable mentions: The “F-Bomb” (“HALF crispy beef, beef chilli, chorizo, chillies, cheese, BOSS sauce, spiced fries HALF dirty chicken, cooling ranch, cheese, rice, lime, iceberg lettuce, pico”) or the Big Easy (“ultimate indulgent food fix – Cheese, bacon & garlic butter quesadilla wrapped burrito – dirty chicken, crispy beef, smoked bacon, crispy fries, peppers & onions, iceberg, pico, guac mayo, chipotle sour cream.”)


  4. Alabama’s All-American Eatery

    Oh hello super yummy pancakes and french toast.

    Alabama’s is a gorgeous eatery situated just around the corner from Bundobust and again, a 5-minute walk from Piccadilly. It does the BEST pancakes, waffles and french toast. Also a pretty fantastic cooked breakfast as well.

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    This food is one you will have a mini food baby to carry around afterwards and it’s so easy to overeat, because it’s so god damn good. You can find a review on my blog here on Alabama’s All-American Eatery.

    Notable mentions: Bacon & Maple Syrup French Toast, Bacon & Maple Syrup Pancakes. (See a theme here?)

  5. Seoul Kimchi

    Fun fact: This isn’t actually anywhere near the city centre, but I thought I’d put it on here regardless.

    Seoul Kimchi is a Korean restaurant based near the universities and is about a 10-minute bus ride from Piccadilly. This is quite an authentic Korean restaurant in the sense that there aren’t many English speaking servers and the food does come straight from the kitchen and it’s super hot.

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    We always get the Kimchi Fried Rice and the barbecued beef. But in honesty, all of it is good authentic Korean food.

So there you have it, my favourite places to eat in Manchester. Honestly, there’s so much to choose from and there are always new places to try which is one reason I love living here!

Where would you recommend?


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