My Top 9 Favourite Female-Led Podcasts

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Combine feminism and podcasts and you pretty much get my ideal commuter listen. There are so many good ones out there and I think the reason I enjoy them so much is that they’re relatable. In some way, you can relate to what they’re talking about and for me, feminism is quite a passion so obviously I enjoy them immensely.

Here are some of my top female-led podcasts!

  1. Stuff Mom Never Told You

    Stuff Mom Never Told You is exactly what it says. This is a feminist, North American podcast that discusses a variety of topics concerning women, the LGBTQ+ community and more. It’s hosted by Bridget Todd and Emilie Aries and discusses everything about modern culture and how it directly and indirectly impacts women’s equality. It’s a great listen and the topics are super varied, from more serious episodes to ‘Lisa Simpson: Springfield’s Feminist Icon’.

  2. Black Girl Nerds

    This is like Comic-Con nerds combined with feminism and it’s fab. The episode length of these tends to be really varied, but if you love nerdy stuff like comic books, geeky films and such, you’ll love this. It’s not heavily political, but does go into it every now and then, if that makes sense. Ranty and intelligent, I’d give this one a go.

  3. Honestly Though

    If you’re an inquisitive soul who finds yourself wondering answers to questions you don’t know you can ask, without sounding like a twat, this is the podcast for you. From ‘Honestly though… What’s it like to have tourettes?’ to ‘Honestly though… What is orgasmic meditation?’, this podcast discusses a wide variety of topics concerning women. As female-led podcasts go, this is a great one if you’re a curious soul.

    top female-led podcasts, podcasts, lifestyle blogger, podcast recommendations, feminist podcasts, female podcasts,

  4. The History Chicks

    Okay so we all know that history recorded is pretty white, male dominated, let’s be honest. This podcast explores the life behind iconic women throughout history, from Mulan to Queen Victoria to Marie Curie, this podcast discusses the lives of women we might not know much about. If you’re a bit of a history or literature nerd, this is a great one!

  5. Call Your Girlfriend

    I’ve actually mentioned this podcast before in my ‘Top 5 Favourite Podcasts‘ blog post, but it deserves another shout-out. I’ve actually listened to this podcast the most out of this selection and it never disappoints. They’re both wonderful ladies who really know what’s up. It’s such a community and they discuss mostly popular culture and ‘Ivanka’s dad’, well at the moment anyway. If you have a long-distance bestie, it’ll remind you of them.

  6. Guys We Fucked

    Most people my age have online dating stories, no matter how small. Hey, I’ve been part of the hook-up culture unashamedly – it’s simultaneously great, but awful. Anti slut shaming and amazing, if you’re a modern dater that loves discussing sex this is for you. It’s also hilarious, because most of us have had an experience similar to theirs.

  7. 2 Dope Queens

    Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams are actually pretty famous these days. In this podcast, they talk about love, sex, race and a whole load of other stuff. It has some great celebrity appearances as well, and feels very New York if that makes sense? If you want to hear about Kevin Bacon’s Mom Jokes this is for you. As female-led podcasts go, this is probably one of the more famous ones.

  8. Bitch Sesh: A Real Housewives Breakdown

    As female-led podcasts go, this is one of the more obscure but fascinating ones. If you love the Real Housewives series, this is amazing. It’s hilarious, but niche and they talk all about the ‘Real Housewives’ in all their glory. Love trashy tv? This one’s for you.

  9. Girl Boss Radio

    No matter what your feelings on Sophia Amoruso are, this is still a pretty stella podcast. She doesn’t upload to this any more, but there are some great female entrepreneur cameos. If you work in business, this is a pretty inspiring podcast led by various women. From CEO’s to Marketing Directors, the women in this podcast are perfect if you work in business.

So if you’re looking for some bad-ass females to listen to, here are my favourites. All of these you can find on iTunes.

Which of these female-led podcasts sounds most interesting to you? And do you have your own recommendations?

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  • Chloe

    How is the Guilty Feminsit on this list?! You need to listen to that ASAP!

  • I love a podcast so adding these to my list! If you like crime, you should listen to Wine and Crime – its really dark but so funny! xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice

  • yes! i love call your girlfriend and 2 dope queens, i’ve been listening to them both for a while and they always make me giggle.

    i’ve been meaning to listen to guys we fucked for a while too, but am currently on the ‘my dad wrote a porno’ podcast, have you listened to that one? i’d recommend if you want a giggle! but don’t listen on the train…i had tears rolling down my face from laughing so much but must have looked like i was having a mental breakdown haha

    katie. xx

    • oh my gosh yes! It’s hilarious. I know I did the same, got well giggly on the train hahaha!

  • Aaah I’ve been needing this post! I want to get into Podcasts but I feel like there’s so many and I have no idea where to start. ‘Black Girl Nerds’ and ‘The History Chicks’ sound perfect for me!
    P.S Thank you for commenting on my blog – I’ve now discovered yours as a result and I love it! x

    • Thank you Lauren! 🙂 Freakin’ love a podcast xx