The Things I do for my Blog

Yes, that is a Game of Thrones reference and as soon as I came up with it, I knew I had to do this blog post. I’ve been part of the blogosphere for approximately 3 months, it’s been an interesting time and I have certainly noticed some rather hilarious things that bloggers do. Please note, this is all in jest, don’t take anything to heart.the-things-we-do-for-blogs, bloggers problems, funny blogger,

  1. There’s marble and white backgrounds everywhere

    I see you, you cheeky beauty bloggers. Get a marble surface and a bunch of flowers; you’re good to go. Because every beauty blogger can afford a marbled surface. ‘But it looks good’ I hear you say, I know! We’re all under this pressure, but white backgrounds make photos look good and god damnit, we’ll embrace that.

  2. Discovering a blog post in drafts that’s ready to go and it’s like you’ve discovered a fiver:

    I don’t know about you but I have a s*** ton of draft blog posts. But occassionally, those babies are good to go. It’s the blogger equivalent of finding a tenner in your pocket which you didn’t know you had. If you’re not in the mood for blogging or doing photos for a blog post typed up, nothing feels greater than hitting the publish button.

  3. Standing in awkward positions to do flat-lay photos, such as the one above, because you’re just that determined.


  4. Being on the verge of crying when trying to sort out your own domain:

    Whether it’s becoming overwhelmed by the choices of domain hosters, or just switching domain, I don’t know about you, but that was frickin’ stressful. Why did it take so long?! I don’t know!

  5. Crying with the move from blogger to wordpress and/or to

    Isn’t this the same thing as the above point? No, they like to make things more difficult for us. Don’t even talk to me about this one. I did cry in case you were wondering and I retreated back to because my theme didn’t work particularly well on Bitch, haven’t I sacrificed enough? You’re asking me to fuck up my blog aesthetic even more, just for me to be able to install plug-ins. No thanks gurl.

  6. You lack cacti, minimalistic furniture or a macbook, so your desk aesthetic is not on fleek.
    Enough said really.
  7. Going to your first blogger event feels like a trial by combat

    Yes, I stood around like a lonely human being for 2 hours, because yes, god damn it there’s a reason a lot of us are more comfortable online. It’s because we’re hella socially awkward. I eventually found some fellow bloggers who were absolutely lovely! But god damnit everyone was gorgeous.

  8. To end this list, I will politely say, fuck rose-gold.

As always do not take this to heart. I am merely jesting.
Do you do any of these things? Be honest 😉

E x

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