The Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award

A few months ago a lovely long-time blogger friend, Milly, tagged me in the ‘Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award’. Now feels like the right time to finally answer the questions given to me! After a pretty rough week, I feel like some much needed blogging is needed.

1. What is your best feature?

Physically, I would say that my best feature are my eyes. Probably because I can make them look seriously blue in photos. Mentally, I think I stick to my values quite well. I’m not embarrassed to ‘be myself’ in public or ‘stick to my guns’.

2. What is your worst habit?

Where do I even start, pulling my hair out is probably my worst. Literally, to the point where I get balding patches. Another one is biting my nails, fidgeting, scratching and a whole load of other anxiety related issues! It’s gotten a lot better though since I’ve started work!

3. What’s your favourite snack?

Salted pretzels or salted popcorn. Of course!

4. If you could have any job at all (or any profession), what would you be?

I would be my own boss and own a PR agency! I love what I’m doing right now which is running events & social media for small businesses, primarily those within the fashion industry.

5. What is the most expensive possession you’ve treated yourself to?

My most expensive possessions are usually those gifted to me, such as my Macbook Pro. But ones I’ve bought are probably the accumulated games on my Xbox and don’t even talk to me about how much I’ve spent on Sims games.

6. If you could travel for free to one location, what would it be?

New Zealand! I would love to travel around New Zealand for a few months or so. Plus if it’s free, I’d pick the most expensive place to get to…

7. What is the most annoying aspect of blogging?

The guilt. Why do I feel guilty over whether I have blogged or not that week? Nobody essentially cares, you know?

8. Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Definitely a morning person! It can be quite a pain, as I often fall asleep very early in the night on a ‘night out’, just because I get up early. Don’t get me wrong, it’s productive, but it’s irritating sometimes.

9. What is your biggest blogging goal?

I don’t really have many ‘goals’ when it comes to blogging, as I don’t want it to feel like my day job or get too stressed about it. But I would definitely say I hope to one day run an event for bloggers!

10. Warm or cold climate?

Warm! Always warm. I hate getting cold feet and cold toes. But I do definitely prefer ‘baking’ in the sun, rather than in a humid, warm climate.

My 10 questions are:

1. Favourite holiday period? (E.g. Easter/Christmas)

2. Were you popular or unpopular in school?

3. Favourite family memory?

4. What’s your favourite current TV show?

5. Do you have an inspiration/motivation? And what is yours if you do?

6. What would you say is your mental strength (e.g. trait)?

7. Dogs or cats?

8. What’s your favourite cheese? (vegan, dairy, anything!)

9. What hair colour would you love to try?

10. What is the biggest piece of advice you would give to your younger self?

I nominate anybody and everybody to do this tag! No pressure, please let me know if you do it/tag me in something.

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