The Positives of Long Distance Relationships

Yes you heard that right, the positives of long distance relationships. Don’t get me wrong, not everybody is cut out for a long-distance relationship, but they do get a unnecessary bad reputation. They’re really hard at times, but honestly can be really rewarding. I’ve been with my partner, George, for around 2 and a half years (I think?). We’ve got no idea when our anniversary is because we suck. But we do know a thing about this long-distance relationship thing by now. I live in Manchester, whilst he lives in Essex – It isn’t a huge distance, but it still is one. I can’t exactly pop over for a brew.

  1. You can really get to know yourself and what you want
    This is honestly one of the best things about LDR’s. You have to be independent to your partner. You can really get to know yourself and what you want in a relationship (or question if you want to be!). There isn’t any pressure, as you live geographically apart,  You learn new hobbies, meet new friends and just take as many opportunities as possible without worrying about your partner and what he/she is doing that night.
  2. You appreciate the time you spend together
    Okay, this is a bit of a cringe one. Long distance relationships make you really appreciate the time together you spend with your partner, obviously because it’s limited. Doing absolutely nothing around your partner is the best. We don’t always do loads of things when I stay at the weekends, we just do what we want to do, which could be chilling after a week of work.
  3. You don’t drop off the face of the earth because you’ve got a boyfriend
    Let’s be honest, we all know this one. Everybody’s been that friend at some point and that’s okay – at least it’s more difficult to drop off the face of the earth, because of your boyfriend in long distance relationships. Friends are equally, if not more, valuable than your partner for a variety of reasons, especially when you’re in your twenties.
  4. You’ll know if you trust them or not
    Ever been in one of those relationships where you really don’t trust him/her? Well there aint no room for that bull**** in an LDR. That nagging feeling over your partner becomes increasingly apparent with distance, and honestly it puts an end to that sort of thing. If you’ve ever been that person that tries to convince themselves something about their partner (e.g. that they’re not abusive, manipulative or untrustworthy for example), LDR’s kind of squish that aspect of yourself. You’ll know for sure what you truly think of the other person deep down anyway. You have to overcome those petty problems otherwise they’ll become huge.

I’ve written previously about my experience in a long distance relationship before and how it really shouldn’t get as much of a bad rep as it does. Don’t get me wrong, it’s never plain-sailing. When we first started going the distance, we questioned everything about the relationship. Whether we were suited for one another, whether we loved each other or not, but over time, that sort of thing just rules itself out and you’ll know in an LDR whether any of the above are true as time goes on. We still suck with birthdays, Christmas presents and remembering anniversaries. But it is a great feeling to get spontaneous mail or post from your other half, I’m currently awaiting something horrendous from – Fantastic. Also most of these tips from Buzzfeed are relevant, if not soppy.

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  • I’ve been in a LDR for a couple of years now. After about 3 months friends (mine and his) started asking when I was going to move… I think they’ve now generally got the idea that that’ll happen when it does.

    • Yep! It gets asked a lot generally. When it happens it happens ya know? x


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