The London Tea Club – A Tea Subscription Box!

Tea – The Holy Brew and one company have set up a Tea Subscription Box. I take my tea very seriously. Moreso, that my partner randomly decided to send me a package full of tea from The London Tea Club. The London Tea Club are a specialist tea company. They run a monthly subscription box filled with, yes you guessed it, tea. Rather than just your average PG Tips, they have many different kinds of your typical English Breakfast, along with vanilla chai and a whole host of other teas to suit your tea-based needs. Along with really cute, intelligent packaging I’ve been really enjoying my little set – Especially because the price is reasonable.

The subscription is also personalised to you and your tea tastes. They ship worldwide as well, shipping costs included with the box. My box cost £10 and in total I will probably get around 15-20 cups of tea. It’s essentially the home version of a fancy tea shop and I love it!

‘You tell us what you want and we’ll source accordingly.’

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Castleton Darjeeling

‘This tea blend is described as ‘Classic muscatel notes (fruity and flowery with hints of spice), subtle astringency’ Darjeeling is quite a delicate blend. You drink it black and without sugar (or you’re supposed to) and it’s a really relaxing blend. For me, it’s a less strong version of Earl Grey and slightly more sweet, less bitter – More of a honey taste.

Monks Blend

‘Creamy and smooth texture of vanilla with a touch of tartness’ This is a more traditionally English tea blend. It’s a black tea but is slightly more special as it’s infused with vanilla. Again, a more sweet tea. It perks you up a bit more. You can either drink it with milk or without.

White Peony

‘Delicate, flowery and velvety with mild peony aroma’ If you’ve ever tried Jasmine tea, this is a little bit similar to it. It’s another relaxing blend. It’s a white tea and for me, white tea’s are more for special occasions. You’ve just got to be in the mood for them you know?

The packaging and design of this tea subscription box is gorgeous. Your tea comes in test tubes! It’s simple and easy to use and just feels really special (which I think is important for a subscription box!). You can buy it for £14 individually for a box or £10 a month as a subscription.

What’s your favourite tea? And would you try a tea subscription box?

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  • Oooh lovely! I’m not really a tea drinker myself (coffee lover) but this is a nice box. My sisters would love this xx

    • It’s really nice. It’s letterbox size as well which is really useful. I do love a good subscription box 😉 xx

  • Cat

    Oooh, looks fancy. I’m very much a drinker of good ol’ Breakfast tea, but do like to experiment so this definitely appeals! x


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