The Handbag Skincare Saviour: Sudocrem?!

Sudocrem: A brand we mostly associate with families. It’s not been seen as the most glamourous skincare brand out there, but their products have so many uses and I heavily relied on them when I had eczema prone skin. So when a PR team contacted me asking if I would like to try out Sudocrem’s Skincare Cream* I was like hell yess. Especially because British Winter weather is attempting to tear my skin apart.

Previous to being contacted, I hadn’t heard of this product. Mainly because I never associated Sudocrem with anything other than babies. However, I suddenly remembered how much Sudocrem saved my skin when I had severe eczema at university (Thanks dissertation stress). It’s only had fab results for me before and I can definitely say the same with this little tube I’ve been trying out over the past few weeks.

‘Sudocrem Skin Care Cream is an everyday cream designed for teenagers and young adults with spot prone skin. It can also soothe little rashes and dry patches and is perfect as part of a daily skincare routine to help maintain beautiful, healthy skin.’

This little tube is such a multi-use product and I’ve used it for so many different things.

It’s smaller than my palm size, but man it packs a punch. As a nightcream I’ve been loving it so far. I’ve been using it for the little bit of dry patches on my skin after I apply my overnight serum and it’s been fab. Not only is it great for dry skin, but it’s also been giving me a much unexpected glow in the morning. Yes, Sudocrem suddenly got glamourous. I’ve been really enjoying it as a night cream, every now and then when my skin is feeling a little tired.

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I also enjoyed using it after a cleansing mask (which can sometimes leave my skin feeling a little tight), almost as a second face-mask, applying a thin layer all over. You can also use it as a spot treatment or on any sensitive/irritated skin to soothe it. Essentially, it’s a great little versatile product and it’s travel friendly (BONUS!).

You can buy it here at Boots and if you want an on-the-go skincare saviour, I’d recommend.

*This product was gifted to myself by a PR team. Anything on this blog is subject to my honest opinion, as this blog is a space for me to me.*


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  • Rosie Adam

    I was once told by someone you should never apply a product that you use on your bum on your face ha. For that reason I’ve always shied away from using sudocream but since this is actually being advertised for skin care I’m curious! Can I ask, what prompted you to use it as a mask?

    Rosie at Damzel In This Dress

    • I was sent it and they recommended it. I can understand why as it’s not as thick as the stuff you put on your bum haha. Plus, the tube is really handy haha! xx

  • I looove using Sudocrem on my face before I go to bed. It works so well as a little moisture mask for my extremely dehydrated skin!

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

  • I love this! I’d never heard of the skin cream either until this post. I often use the original sudocrem as an overnight mask and I wake up with the softest skin! xxx

    • Yeah it’s great haha – Hidden gem 😉 I just love how travel friendly it is! My skin has just been reacting to everything at the moment so it’s been a life-saver! xxx

  • Amina Ayub

    I love this product so much

    Lovely post

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  • Cat

    I get eczema too and Sudacrem just reminds me of my childhood, having it slathered onto the backs of my legs…SO GLAM! I always thought you couldn’t use sudocrem on your face but apparently I was wrong! This looks to me like it might just have to become a handbag essential soon… x

    • YES! I have such grim memories of sudocrem. But this is actually quite a nice little tube 🙂 X

  • Clare Pennington

    Lovely post! I”m just discovering your blog and it’s so lovely – I just started my own and have been worrying about how to weave together feminism and beauty, but you do it so effortlessly!

    Clare xx

    • Thanks! Don’t worry too much, for me I just have a target audience (broadly speaking) I think if you’re passionate about whatever you’re writing about, it shows!


  • When I get cuts, I mix a small pot of Vaseline and sudocrem, and it really helps clear them up! I actually picked that up working as a care assistant in a nursing home. It’s certainly one of my go to’s. x

    • Eleanor

      Wow! That’s a neat little tip 🙂 x


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