Getting over a Breakup & Breakup Essentials

Hello world, how’re you doing? I’ve been a little bit absent from my blog simply because I went through a break up a week ago. We ended on good terms and it was a long time coming. Getting over a breakup is hard, but regardless, my posts about long distance relationships still stand, the positives stand and everything in between. It wasn’t a bad relationship, but sometimes these things come to an end (urgh so adult). After nearly 3 years, mine did. With breakups, come break up essentials. These are my favourite movies, tv shows, hobbies to do at the moment. Naturally this is a bit more catered to me, myself and I – But hopefully, this is helpful to somebody.

Before you cry, ‘Ooh the misandry’ please, this is satirical. I don’t have this attitude to men.


  • Legally Blonde – Determined to be a lawyer Elle Woods defies everybody’s expectations and stereotypes of her blonde status.
  • Whip It – Very little love story with this one, all about women building each other up
  • 10 Things I hate about you – This is more for when you’re feeling sad and just want to watch something
  • Chicago – Women hating men.
  • Clueless – More shopping – less men.
  • Heathers – Dark comedy with Winona Ryder about a group of young women.
  • Out of Africa – Meryl Streep ruling sexist, racist White supremacy in Africa. What’s not to love? Hella long tho (3 hours).
  • Kill Bill – Self explanatory
  • Die Hard – Because nothing beats getting over a breakup than watching Hans Gruber fall off a cliff.

TV Shows

  • Always Sunny in Philadelphia – A program all about terrible people, which will make you feel better.
  • The Office (US/UK) – Either are acceptable.
  • How to Get Away With Murder – I’ve only just begun this, but absolutely love it!
  • Orphan Black – Strong female lead, anything but romance involved.
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Erm, because why not?
  • Parks & Recreation – Leslie Knope is #friendgoals.

Other essentials

  • Video Games – Because nothing helps getting over a breakup like simulated violence. However, Sims-wise – I repeat do not make a couple version of you and your ex.
  • Yoga & Meditation – Yes, you can be that girl that does yoga and meditates every day.
  • A very large pizza on the day of the breakup.

Breakups are rubbish, but it gets better (I hope?!).

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