My favourite photos & memories of 2015!

2015 has FLOWN BY. If you regularly read blogs, you’re probably sick of hearing similar phrases such as ‘How is it nearly 2016 yet?’, ‘How have I graduated this year?’ & ‘Why do I still suck at this adult-thing?’. These are all the questions we’ve been asking ourselves and honestly, it’s crazy to think about.

2015 was an awesome year.

I graduated with a 2.1 degree in English Literature from Bangor university and I was super proud of it. Yes it’s not the best grade, but honestly what I went through, most people would have quit university. (Not that that’s a bad thing – Heck, I was close to at times) But all in all a pretty good year!

I don’t take a lot of photos of ‘moments’ in my life, but I thought I could scrounge together some photos from this year! From left to right, here are my ‘moments’ in 2015.

  1. ‘Bounce Below’ May 2015
    If you like pretending you’re a little kid for 2+ hours, you’re in the right place here. It’s a trampolining den based in North Wales – Have a look at their website!
  2. The Colour Run Manchester June 2015
    I ran the colour run! I did do it on my own, as I couldn’t find anybody that runs for it, but it was great! I ran the whole way on an easy 5K run, but it was so different to anything else I’ve done.
  3. Graduation, Bangor, June 
    Need I say more? I graduated and finished one part of my life and I moved swiftly on to the next!
  4. The Great Gatsby Ball, Bangor, February
    As hosted, founded and managed by myself. You can tell I was ridiculously exhausted, just from this photo. Over 200+ people attended, complete with brass band and swing dancers!
  5. New Job, Manchester, September
    My internship led to a full-time job! I had a great time whilst there and this photo marked a new hopeful future for me in PR!
  6. The Summer Ball, Bangor, May
    After exams, many unis have ‘balls’ or celebrations to commemorate the end of the year, this was mine. It was a great day and I did do a post about it agesss ago.
  7. Graduation, Bangor, June
    TWO GRADUATION PHOTOS?! Because why not. This is of my boyfriend and I at our graduation(s) – Now the painful long-distance *sighs*
  8. Ziggy, Wales, March 2015
    Would a 2015 photo-collage be complete without a photo of my precious dog, Ziggy? No, of course not. This was taken at our family’s holiday home in March – It’s a great break from the internet/social media (Yes, they do exist!).