The Best Advice I’ve ever received

Ever since I heard this advice, I have not stopped thinking about it. There are so many motivational, productivity tips on the internet; it’s quite overwhelming. …Wake up at 6am, go for a 30 minute run, meditate, have carefully scheduled posts throughout the week… But let’s be honest, this doesn’t work for everyone, everybody’s different and that’s fine. I love listening to Podcasts and one of my favourites is Amy Porterman’s podcast, where she interviews the famous motivational speaker. Here’s the advice.


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‘You do you.’

Everybody has completely different aspirations, completely different routines, and completely different lifestyles. If you work best at 2am, and your job allows that completely. What’s wrong with it? If you’re happy and content with your work, life and romantic life, why change it? The main advice Amy Porterman gave was do what you want to do and to not compare yourself to others. Amy’s podcast actually made me realise, there’s nothing wrong with being you. I’ve had periods where I’ve constantly felt guilty for being myself. Maybe it’s the fact I have the hobbies of a nan in the body of a 22 year old…

Personally, I feel quite overwhelmed by the sheer amount of advice posts out there. Having gone through depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety and everything in between, for the first time I’m actually happy. Whilst I do enjoy reading advice posts from time to time, I feel like the best advice out there is just doing what you want to do. If you’re not a morning person, why would you wake up at 6am to do work ‘early’? Yeah it sounds appealing, but let’s not get sad because we can’t all do 18 hour days.

Some people are motivated by doing work all the time, but I’m bloody not.

Do what you want to do. Everybody has different lifestyles, and that’s okay, if not better. If we all had aimed for the same body clocks, lifestyle etc. there’d be a lot of jobs that just wouldn’t happen. If you’re most creative at 2am, what’s wrong with doing a bit of work then if you want to?

I do enjoy reading advice posts, but this to myself, is the most important one.

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