The Beauty Blogger Tag

[vc_row][vc_column width=”5/6″][vc_column_text]I was tagged by the lovely blogger, Joanna, to do the beauty blogger tag. I’ve done similar ones before, but I loved the questions in this one.

  1. Use 3 words to describe your blogging style.
    Conversational, honest and personal.
  2. If you could meet any person in the fashion/makeup industry (dead or alive), who would it be and why?
    Anna Wintour, Alex Box and I recently was listening to Pardon Your French and the episode with Isabel Marant makes me seriously want to meet her.
  3. How has your blogging changed compared to when you  first started?
    I think if anything it’s become a little more consistent, and to be honest more successful. It’s also become something I’m known for a little bit and my design has improved. Deep down, I’m still the same nob head.
  4. What 1 tip would you give to a new blogger?
    Don’t force it. There’s nothing worse to be honest, some people say they pay attention to how often a blogger blogs and say consistency is key. I think the only thing consistency is needed for is Google to rank your blog if I’m honest. I read blogs that haven’t updated in a month. How ‘professional’ you want it to be is up to you.
  5. As far as my blogging is concerned, I want to become better at… (fill in the sentence).
    My writing ultimately. I can get rambly very easily and for somebody with a Literature degree I actually don’t really get to the point a lot of the time.
  6. Where do you get ideas/ inspiration from regarding your blog posts?
    Out and about usually or if I think about what I personally would have found useful a few years ago.
  7. Name one makeup/ beauty product you have been eyeing, but have not bought yet.
    Pretty much everything from Charlotte Tilberry let’s be honest and the Tom Ford lipsticks. Just so much moneyyyyy. (Plus the fact I own about 50 lip products…)
  8. Do you have a holy grail product? What is it?
    Probably Bobbi Brown’s Gel Liner – That stuff is so good! Just lasts all day, and I swear it doesn’t dry out as fast as it used to? All in all, it’s fab.
  9. London/ Paris or New York fashion week? Why?

Paris definitely. I prefer the designers and there’s something very classic about Paris Fashion Week. London & New York tend to welcome in more daring designers, but I still find Paris more interesting. That’s not to say that Paris isn’t daring at all, looking at you Rick Owens. 

My questions are…

  1. Do you have any fashion or beauty icons? Who?!
  2. Beauty pet peeve?
  3. Would you rather wear no makeup for the rest of your life or makeup everyday (but you can take it off when going to bed)
  4. Do you have any tips or tricks makeup/cosmetic wise?
  5. Kim K or Kendall Jenner makeup?
  6. Do you only buy cruelty-free makeup and if so why?
  7. Share a photo of what you consider to be your worst moment beauty-wise.
  8. Skincare or Makeup?

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I’m Eleanor, a UK Manchester based Lifestyle & Beauty Blogger. I write about beauty products, feminism, mental health and my adventures in the big city of MCR.