Taking Breaks and Chilling The F*** Out

I’m a condoner of breaks and just generally sleeping. If you’re looking for someone to condone you taking a break, it’s me. And that’s exactly what I’ve done recently with my blog.

I’m currently going through a bit of a different sort of blogging crisis, over how serious I want to take this blog. I’m getting to a stage now in blogging where I feel the need to decide how seriously to take my blog. E.g. whether I want to monetise it, take advantage of more PR opportunities etc. I’m feeling so overwhelmed by it all.

But simultaneously, I’ve been stressing about not blogging at the same time.

I’ve got a full time day job in Digital Marketing (9am-6pm) which involves me leaving the house at 6/7am and getting home at 7pm. Most of my time is spent in Manchester city centre, even my hobbies are. I also have one freelance client that takes up an extra 8 hours in my week. This is all fine to clarify – I have no problem managing my time. Or at least I don’t think I do.

What I am stressing about however is how seriously to take my blog. My job is in Digital Marketing and ultimately I know how to make this blog more successful; I do it for a living. But do I want to be doing my day job in my spare time? Do I want to treat this blog like my day job? Regardless of how much I enjoy my day job, it feels like a heck of a lot of digital marketing to maintain my sanity.

It’s one reason I’ve been quite absent on social media recently, because I found myself on it all the time. And honestly that depresses me a little bit. 

I feel like I’m becoming one of the few that actually doesn’t intend on their blog being anything more than a hobby.

Simultaneously I want this blog to succeed.

There’s nothing more frustrating to me than seeing my stats not go up. Yes I care about stats. Yes my Twitter follower count has been the same for a few weeks now.

I’ve been in this conundrum for a few weeks now, me deciding on my attitude to this blog, what I want to do. I’ve got absolutely no idea, but perhaps I should embrace that.

Conclusion: Just fucking write and worry about the other nonsense later. 

Has anyone else had a similar conundrum?

What’s your attitude to your blog (if you have one!)?

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  • Eleanor

    I have this issue a lot too! I’m in a similar boat – with leaving for work at 6am in London and getting home at 7pm – I have very little time to blog, particularly during the week and I need to remember to live sometimes! Haha! Great post! 🙂

    • Eleanor

      Thank you! Yes it’s so easy to stress about it – Thank you x

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