T25 Initial Impressions & Review

T25 is a workout regime for people that don’t have time to workout. The whole premise is based on the fact that the workout is only 25 minutes a day, yet boy you’ll sweat. Shaun T is possibly the best motivator as well. I love working out and found that when I went freelance, I was moving about too much to have a fixed gym routine (as my gym was not near my home). My running came to a standstill, as I just couldn’t find the motivation for it, so I thought I’d try something a little different.

Don’t have time?

This is where T25 comes in. It was something I really wasn’t used to in terms of working out, having never used fitness DVDs before. I’ve spoken before about how for me exercise is empowering and that’s why I do it. Basically I just feel like a classic #GirlBoss after it. I’m in week 3 and I’m really enjoying it so far. (despite becoming ill for a few days…)

It’s a mixture of cardio and strength exercises. Certain workouts in the 25 minutes are harder than others, but I do think it depends on what you’re used to. You exercise for 25 minutes, 5 days a week (Fridays are a double workout day). The total body circuit kills me. I’m totally not used to push ups, let alone the upgraded push ups. All the exercises do come with modifiers, which is great if like me, you’re not used to funky workout moves or push ups. The modified moves are also low impact if you have screwed up ankles.

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Every exercise builds itself up in each workout DVD. You’ll start off with something simple and low impact then move up to something that will really make you sweaty. It runs similar to HIIT (high intensity interval training), which is known for its effectiveness.

Little space required

You don’t need much workout space as well for T25, which is a huge plus for somebody like me that lives in a terraced house with my family. What I really love about it is that you just get it done. It feels like an achievement every time you complete a workout.

It is very American. I can’t think of another way to describe it, but it’s so motivating and all the people are happy. There’s no gendered/problematic advertising either. Everybody does the same workouts and it isn’t about getting a great butt for the beach – It’s about feeling good and being proud of your body and what it can do.

The box comes with a set of DVDs for both the Beta and Alpha stages, a mini beachbody mat and a resistance band (which I’m yet to use!). It may seem expensive but honestly it’s really great and the whole thing makes me feel really good about myself.

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  • Thanks so much for reviewing this – I’ve been very tempted to purchase it myself so it’s great to get a blogger’s opinion on it! x

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura

    • Aww thanks! Yeah I’ve not really seen many blogger reviews of it, so I thought I’d get it up. I’d suggest Ebay 😉 Which is where I got mine haha. xx

  • It sounds like the perfect solution for those short on time! xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

    • Yeah! Plus the tick off chart makes you feel guilty when you forget to do it/get lazy haha 😛 xx

  • Zoe

    Great post! I’ve tried a couple of the Beach Body DVD sets and was thinking of buying this one so it’s really helpful to see a review. I loved Turbofire and still do it now, but I found Insanity (also Shaun T) a bit extreme. Sounds like T25 might be the balance I’m looking for, I think I’ll give it a try!

    • Sounds so! Yeah I didn’t want to go straight into Insanity as well… it’s insane haha. I’ll have to check out Turbofire! Thanks for reading 🙂