#SweatpantSundays: Generic Father’s Day edition

#SweatpantSundays are dedicated to the individuals out there who love nothing more than a brew on standby and comfortable pair of sweatpants to end their working week. I thought I would do a weekly post of myself essentially rambling about my week’s adventures (or lack thereof). I always enjoy reading personal posts written by bloggers as it just gives a little bit more insight to ‘the person behind the blog’ for the reader. Asides from the slightly sarcastic title, I love my dad and here’s why.

I was a little bit hesitant to publish this post, as when I googled ‘Fathers Day images’, everything was just not what I wanted to express in this post and to be completely honest, this post serves better without an image. This Sunday it’s Father’s Day. To me Father’s Day should be a celebration of biological dads, step-dads, non-dads (e.g. gay-parent families), single mothers and basically everyone that falls outside of the spectrum of clinical, heterosexual, middle-class families. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a hatred of heterosexual, married families, hell, I’m part of one. (Technically I’m not because I’m a bastard). But when I look at essentially every father’s day card found in your local Clintons, it does just seem to fall for that category, which is a tad bit ridiculous. It’s uncomfortable for me, so I can’t even imagine if I was part of a spectrum particularly stigmatized!

Regardless, I will celebrate this commercialised holiday in the best way I can. By giving my dad, some Tesco-branded wine and a card made exclusively by the exclusive, luxury brand moonpig.com. On a more serious note, my dad has given me so much to live for in this world. He’s continually aspired me to always ‘be myself’ and amazingly I have been, even if I was bullied for being a tad bit of sixties hippy at 16 in a rough, special measures school. He allowed me to dress whatever way I wanted. He allowed me to try out all sorts of hobbies, he bought me my first gaming consoles. He paid for my university rent throughout the entirety of my three years, which was amazing. He helped me through some of my darkest moments. One of the reasons I love Manchester so much is because I visited it so frequently growing up, I learnt about so many things so quickly. When I finally came to terms with my bisexuality, it wasn’t a big thing to him and his response was ‘I don’t care if you bring home a woman or a man, it’s none of my business’. Homophobia just wasn’t a thing for me growing up and I can see in my little sister now that we were raised exceptionally well in terms of social politics.

Being humble, honest and kind to whoever needed our help has always been my families way of life and I love it and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love my dad and thank you for being gr8 5eva.
E x


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