Summer Is Here – 10 Healthy Lifestyle Decisions

Hello loves. So the other day a very lovely woman named Zara asked if she could guest post on my blog (How exciting!). And upon discussion, we decided on this blog post topic! Enjoy!

Summer is almost around the corner, and it is definitely perfect time for making important changes and getting your life in order. If you agree with this, stay with us. Here are ten healthy lifestyle decisions you simply have to make for an upcoming season.

Connect With Nature

Connecting with nature is very important today, when all of us are living a hectic lifestyle. It can help you explore yourself and find inner peace.

Spend More Time With Your Family

Let this summer be the time of your lives – spend it with your beloved ones, indulging in some new adventures. No matter whether you choose hiking outside the town or a vacation somewhere far away – you will undoubtedly spend some quality time together.

Read More

Due to the fact that you spend the most of your time at work, it is reasonable that you don’t have much time left for reading. As soon as summer comes, you will get to read your favourite novel one more time. Just make lemonade, sit in your garden and become a part of an enchanting literary world.

Eat Right

Even though this decision is one of the most popular when it comes to the list of New Year’s decisions, summer is actually the right time to work on it. Sufficient water intake, together with a plethora of fresh fruits and vegetables will do wonders for your organism, so make sure that you include them in your diet.

Do Yoga

Yoga will benefit both your body and your mind in many ways. It will improve your flexibility, perfect your posture, build your muscle strength, and help you deal with stress in the best possible way. It’s high time you started practicing it!

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Live an Organic Lifestyle

Using organic beauty and makeup products instead of conventional ones will largely contribute to a healthier lifestyle. Such products are appropriate for all skin types, including sensitive one. Choose an organic eye shadow, a lipstick and/or a foundation that suits your needs and you won’t regret it!

Quit Smoking

Quit smoking this summer and you will do your body a huge favour. This hideous habit, besides being unhealthy, affects the members of your family, too –kids in the first place. Lung cancer, heart disease, and stroke are just some of the diseases you may face while smoking, so cut it off and be healthy!

Do Physical Activity Regularly

Even running errands or moving around the house will have benefits for your health, and not to mention jogging, cycling, or swimming. Actually, any kind of activity that can get you sweaty and slightly out of breath is good for you, so make sure that you do it at least every other day.

Face With Your Fears

It is true that people cannot change because they have certain fears. It takes courage to face them, but that has to be done in order for you to achieve your goals. Be positive and move forward no matter what, and you will see an immediate improvement.

Be the Best Version of Yourself

This may seem like a cliché, but it is crucial that you work on yourself, both on the inside and on the outside. Be kind and friendly to everyone around, not just when it comes to your closest ones. Strive for the best, upgrade your knowledge, be ambitious – and your best version will gradually come to light!

As you can see, there are so many things you can do in order to live a healthier lifestyle this summer. Actually, these can apply for the whole year, every day of your life – just set your mind free, relax, and you will see major improvement very soon!

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  • Sophia Smith

    Great tips 🙂

  • Ella Whitehead

    I loved these ideas, especially the one about reading more. Great post lovely!

    Ella xx

  • Sarah Smiles

    I loved this! I’ve been trying to make some healthy changes with joining some sports teams. I definitely feel better for it and am always looking to try some more changes. I’ll definitely be referring back to these tips! 🙂 xxx

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

    • Thanks 🙂 I think they’re really good basic tips but sometimes we forget to look after ourselves 🙂 xxx

  • Samantha P

    Great list but if I read any more than I currently do I’ll have no other time in my life, ahah! 🙂

    S .x


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