Spring Love with LUSH Ft. A Pink Flamingo & Scrubee

You know when you’re supposed to be buying things you actually need and you just sort of wander into LUSH and spend £30. Hey, it was payday. 

It’s Spring and I feel that I can just start wearing my leather jacket again. I was on the hunt for the perfect Spring coat, and once again, I couldn’t find it. Any recommendations for a coat that is not a bright rain mac are very welcome.

I picked up the Olive Branch shower gel, Scrubee, the pink flamingo bubble bar, the Ladybird bubble bar and a wiccy magic muscles bar. Wiccy Magic is just not very photographable so I just didn’t include it, soz. It’s still great, though.

So what should you be buying from LUSH?

The Olive Branch Shower Gel, The Olive Branch, LUSH, LUSH shower gel, shower gel,

LUSH’s The Olive Branch is quite a fresh scent, but in honesty, it doesn’t actually smell of anything really. It’s quite a neutral scent, which makes me sound boring as hell. It’s made from Fairtrade Olive Oil and is super moisturising – one of the reasons I bought it. I have crazy soft skin and this is one of the reasons why. It’s super good as well if like me, your skin can get sensitive or has eczema.

LUSH Ladybird Bubble bar, LUSH bubble bar, Mother's Day, Bubble Bath, Bubble Bar,

Frankly, the Ladybird Bubble Bar is one of the best scents I’ve smelt in a while! It’s a little bit minty, a little bit strawberry and very yummy. I’m going to be picking up about 1924949 of them before they are discontinued/the stock runs out (which is shortly). I crumble usually about half a bar in per bath. It leaves the bath a lovely red and violet shade that doesn’t fade! Yay!

The Pink Flamingo LUSH, LUSH, pink flamingo, bubble bar, bubble bath, bath, bloggers, beauty bloggers, lush bloggers,

I am totally feeling the Pink Flamingo bubble bar. It’s cute, bright and pink. All the things I love.

As you can imagine, it leaves the bath a lovely pink colour and smells like a super sweet cocktail, if that makes sense. I feel like a basic, sassy cosmopolitan sort of gal when I used this. (Not that there’s anything wrong with Cosmopolitans – I actually am basic as hell). It’s described as ‘sweet, heady and floral’ with ylang-ylang, and that’s exactly what it is.

Scrubee, LUSH Scrubee, Body Butter, Body Scrub, LUSH Body Scrub, LUSH Body Butter,Now onto my favourite of the lot: Scrubee.

Scrubee is a body butter, body scrub hybrid and oh my gosh it’s the greatest. Smelling of vanilla, cocoa and almonds, it’s so gorgeous and it makes me sad that it’s actually leaving LUSH’s shelves shortly. Along with being super moisturising, it also gives such a nice little glow to my legs after a shower/bath which is great if you’ve got pale legs like me. It makes me super happy and if you’re wary using body scrubs, this one is a great starter. I’ve got a feeling this is going to last me a while.

If you’re wondering what else I’ve spent a lot of money on at LUSH, here’s an idea:

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