Soap & Glory The Fab Pore Peel and Mask Review

Soap & Glory ‘The Fab Pore: 2-En-1 Masque & Peel’ is one of the recent additions to the S&G line. I’ve always been a tad bit wary of Soap & Glory since I had a bad skin reaction to the ‘Scrub of your Life’ before, so this mask surprised me when it turned out to be one of my current favourites.

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When I use it

When I see a skincare product marketing itself for ‘pores’, my skin always seems to have two reactions. It either goes horrendously dry, bordering on eczema status (which isn’t a cute look) or it works incredibly well (which usually only happens 10.5% of the time). I used to be a fan of Sanctuary’s Thermal mask (before the hype, because I’m a hipster like that), but it slowly started to make my skin more dry. I still get spots in some areas, and right before that time of month, my skin feels disgusting. This helped for that pre-time-of-the-month hormonal skin that’s both a little sensitive and dry, but also spotty.

S&G has what I would call, a ‘toothpaste texture’ and hopefully that hasn’t put you off buying this wonderful mask. It comes in a pot and the packaging is very similar to NAR’s packaging, except white. It didn’t dry my skin out, cause flakiness or wreak havoc with my eczema. No stinging feeling before or after, my skin just felt like the fresh prince of colgate. Smooth, not dry or sensitive but made me feel a tad less gross than I felt before! Brill!

I’m still really enjoying this facemask 6 months later, blackheads are just instantly gone after it and it’s great to use after a day of wandering around a smoggy city centre. I feel less gross and I usually apply a hydrating facemask afterwards.

Have you tried any S&G products before? Either makeup or skincare?
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