Should bloggers care about their grammar?

oxford comma, should bloggers care about their grammar, vyv evans, grammar, punctuation If you bring up the topic of grammar and punctuation to a group of bloggers, it often results in quite a heated discussion let’s say (Not that that’s a bad thing). I am a recent English Literature graduate who graduated with a pretty decent grade, an upper second honours. But I’m here to say that, punctuation and grammar don’t actually matter that much to me and I actually think it shouldn’t matter at all when it comes to blogging. Everybody has their own personal preferences though, I get that and I think that’s important to understand. Everybody however has a different reason as to why they blog and hopeful bloggers should not be put off by people that hold punctuation and grammar highly. At the end of the day, I’m not getting paid to do this, it’s a hobby. So I can perfectly understand why, for some reason, one may not have the best grammar in their blogs or proof-read 2010199 times.  Some people write blogs as a ‘personal release’ of emotions, or as a journal. In this case, why should grammar matter? Now don’t get me wrong, I personally enjoy reading pieces with good grammar and punctuation as it is easier for me. But for some, writing does not come naturally and that should not mean that they can’t personally blog. You can still enjoy writing, if your grammar and punctuation aren’t up to scratch (Have you read Phillip Larkin? Jesus Christ…). This brings in the struggles of dyslexia, language barriers etc. which ‘get in the way’ of good grammar and punctuation. A lot of speakers of other languages like to write in English for a variety of reasons, to both improve their written English, to connect with British/American blogging communities, there are loads of reasons. Don’t feel like you can’t blog because you are not ‘good’ at writing. If every writer wrote by the books, we’d have a pretty boring selection of literature on our hands. There are loads of linguists that attack literally, the Victorian system of punctuation and grammar, so you’re not alone! This is no attack at all on any bloggers I would like to clarify, as I said, I personally find it easier to read well punctuated blog posts.

What are your thoughts on grammar and punctuation?

E x

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  • I agree! Blogging will not be fun anymore if they just start to feel like exams. I also think that sometimes the mistakes can make a post quite humorous or more friendly when slang is used. We need to teach the grammar police to relax hehe.

    • Hahaha thank you! I feel it can put some people off when they have to worry about their grammar!

  • Meg Siobhan

    I’m totally with you on this. I try as best as possible with my grammar (I think mine is relatively okay) but sometimes I’ll fail a little because I have dyslexia, so miss obvious little things, on occasion!

    • Yeah it usually doesn’t impede on the quality of the post! x

  • The odd bit of dodgy punctuation or spelling is completely understandable and wouldn’t put me off anyone’s blog if the writing and intention of the post comes through. That being said, if every single post is littered with mistakes and I find it hard to actually understand the sentences because it’s all jumbled, it does put me off from reading more. So I think that no, it’s not the be all and end all, but yes, bloggers should care about their grammar and respect that their readers need to have a nice experience when reading their work! x

    Laura | Loved By Laura

    • Thanks for the response! I think every blogger wants to have decent grammar and punctuation when writing, but I can completely understand if somebody makes an odd mistake etc.

      E x

  • Really interesting post, thoroughly enjoyed reading it! I 100% agree with what you said about how this is our own personal outlet and should be whatever we want it to be. There’s different reasons as to why people’s writing is grammatically incorrect which I understand. I don’t mind as long as it’s not so bad that it’s impossible to read, that frustrates me and takes away the enjoyment of reading it! Personally I’m a huge perfectionist so naturally I proof read and edit my posts a lot, but it’s also okay if people don’t. Lovely post, hope you’re having a great day!!

    -Nabeela x

    • Thank you very much! I completely agree! I like just simply hearing people’s voices/opinions!
      Thank you for the lovely comment 🙂
      E x


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