Self-confidence, an #ootd and a new pair of shoes

It’s taken me so long to get an outfit (#ootd) post up on this blog. Partly due to a lacking self-confidence, partly just due to how I have to awkwardly run away from a self-timer and pose. I’m leaving for a holiday for 2 weeks on the 17th August, which I am super excited for, I will be posting whilst there as we have wifi and it’s not a very intensive sightseeing holiday. (I need something to cope with 2 intensive weeks with family, after all). I will be doing a post on some suncreams soon (once I educate myself a bit on the best ones, chemically).
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The above shoes are by far my favourites of the moment. Actually quite unbelievable how comfy they are! I found these in Primark believe it or not. Usually Primarni heels result in several blisters, but these 1 inch chunky heels are fantastic! They have grips on the bottom of the heel, not that that makes much difference. I’ve never been one for chunky, chunky heels, but honestly the buckles and the print I absolutely love! outfit1

The dress was £10 in a Dorothy Perkins Sale and is a size 10. I honestly have no idea how I managed to fit into a size 10, considering I usually buy size 14/16, but it actually fits quite nicely! I wear dresses a lot. I just find them considerably more comfortable than jeans, when I don’t have to wear tights that is. Some people would argue that the shoes don’t ‘match’ the dress, but honestly I couldn’t care less. I find matching quite dull honestly, not everything has to match. A lot of the times it can work better when they don’t match.

This post took me a while to build the confidence up to post, believe it or not. I just decided to go for it and even though this outfit isn’t particularly exciting, I just thought I would put it up whilst I had the confidence to. There’s just something about putting a full body, outfit photo up online that’s quite daunting, you know?

I have trichotillomania, which has resulted in myself pulling my hair out so that one side is significantly longer than the other. Whilst I know it’s nothing to be ashamed of, it’s still irritating. My hair is growing back now though, so yay!

Yes this outfit cost me £20 (£28 if you include the cat-eye glasses) but what can I say, I’ve been a student you know.
What’s your staple outfit?

E x

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  • well done on posting! your dress and shoes are so nice! and exactly matching is boring, Fuck the law!
    i understanding posting this would have been a hard decisions to make but trust me it was a good one. My staple outfit would have to be a nice pair of high waist jeans and a random top and blazer 🙂 blazers make any outfit look smart/casual

    • Yes exactly! Screw matching! Thank you for your comment!
      Blazers are awesome! I love a good trench coat as well.

      E x

      P.s sorry for the late reply!

      • I’ve seen a lot of trench coats lately I like it! 😊 ah it’s grand, I know How busy things can get 😊x

  • Dino Zaremba

    Hats may quite possibly be my new thing. This is truth – when I walk into a shop I try on at least 1-2 hats, exclaim ” I love hats”, visualise myself wearing them and then walk away empty handed.


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