‘Was it any good?’: Bangor University Summer Ball 2015

The cat’s out of the bag friends, I went to Bangor University. The summer ball is a well-publicised event throughout Bangor and is usually hosted at the end of May, when everybody’s exams (should have) finished. Costing £45, it’s not exactly cheap, but I had fun so hey!

It’s pretty much guaranteed that one of the artists booked for the ball usually drops out, but it’s usually replaced by somebody pretty good (Jess Glynne was replaced by Ella Eyre). Scouting for Girls were also playing and if you were aboard the circa 2007 hype-train for Scouting for Girls (‘She’s so love-ly!’), you would have loved it.
The tribute acts were also pretty damn good. I briefly caught the end of the ‘Desert Monkeys’ and it brought me back to my Northern roots of the Arctic Monkeys and they were pretty damn good.
One of the things I really enjoyed were the rides, quite simply. Most of the rides you could continue to go on until 1am, which for me was what really made the night. I’m a woman of simple pleasures and I love childish pleasures such as arcades and amusement parks, as it’s something a little bit different for a town where nothing really goes on.

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Bangor, University, Summer Ball, 2015Bangor University 2015Summer Ball, Carnival, Photography, Bangor, UniversityDodgems, Carnival, Photography, Bangor University, Summer Ball,WATERMARKED-FERRISWHEELWhilst I did think the pricing of the Ball was a tad bit ridiculous, it’s definitely worth it if you want something a little bit different in Bangor and to dress up in pretty dresses (A post on my dress… here). My anxiety was also not triggered as I wasn’t bored. There was always stuff to look at and do. One thing I did find irritating from a friend, is that the prices of drinks was a bit riduculous if you couldn’t or don’t drink. It was ridiculously difficult to get non-alcoholic things essentially, as everything was alcoholic and you had to buy overpriced coke cans (£1.50) from the burger van and if you wanted coke/lemonade on its own at the bars (which were everywhere and more convenient if you were watching a gig) you couldn’t get any. However water was given out at the bars, but if you don’t like water then…
If you didn’t drink alcohol, you were more obliged to dehydrate yourself until the end of the night. Hypothetically, the union probably should have stepped in with this.

All in all, I had a really fun night and it’s great if you’re bored of doing the same old thing it’d be good for you.

And if you’re wondering, I didn’t make it till 5am sadly (left at 2am), as I lost everyone. (oops…)

E x

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  • Aaah looks like an amazing night, I love the big wheel looks gorgeous! Just followed your blog! 🙂 xx

    • Haha it was so good! Was just a shame about the rain! 😛 xx


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