Prairie Charms Box Review!

If you’ve been watching the blogging community for some time, you will be well aware of Prairie Charms. They’ve been raved about pretty much consistently and that’s because they’re fab. If you haven’t heard of them, Prairie Charms are most infamous for their gift boxes, which cost £35. The quality of the products I received were fantastic and despite having some problems with the post-office concerning my box, it arrived in fab condition.

As you can see, the packaging was beautiful. Us bloggers especially love fancy packaging and if packaging comes with glitter then that’s even better.


  1. Flower Crown: Want to feel like a pixie? I absolutely love Prairie Charms’ flower crowns. They are reasonably priced for how much the whole box costs, as flower crowns usually cost quite a bit. The whole theme of the box was ‘Luau’, an Hawaii themed box.
  2. Hairbands: I love their hairbands. I have also purchased another batch of headbands from Prairie Charms separate to the box itself. What I love about them is that they’re actually nice to wear. Usually I find headbands tug at my hair and they are quite uncomfortable for myself personally. The designs on each are lovely as well, and it makes me less likely to lose them as they are fab!
  3. Anklet: What you can’t see in the box is the anklet that was supplied. I’ve always been intrigued by anklets, and when I wear mine I feel like a hippy-chic fairy. And who wouldn’t want to feel like that?
  4. Hair Clips: Another favourite from the box I had was the super cute seashell hair clip. That’s actually sturdy. I have very thick hair (when I’m not having a trichotillomania bout) and to actually find a hair clip that keeps my hair to the side is rare.

The other thing’s included in my box were a hair band, glitter, a personalised message and some sweets! The above were my favourites, but that’s not to say that I’m not going to wear the other things in the box!


I am quite tight when it comes to money. I don’t spend much money. I try to limit spending when I can. But honestly, I loved this box. For £35 the amount of stuff you get is fantastic. So cute, and there’s something so ‘feel good’ about Prairie Charms, the brand. Contacting their team was so easy, they replied quickly (within the day) with any queries you have and the team is lovely. I was ill for about a week and unable to put a post up about it, but I didn’t feel pressured into doing a post straight-away. As some brands treat bloggers like a monotony, but not Prairie Charms.
Thank you to the team for approaching myself!

E x

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  • Love it!!! That flower crown is gorgeous! Prairie charm is awesome they have so many cute assesories in there shop!

    Jasmine 🙂

    • Thank you!! They are so good! I can’t recommend enough, they’re customer service is just fab. E x

  • This is really cute! Im a new blogger, can you please check me out? 🙂

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