A PR’s Guide for Bloggers

Bloggers are playing a bigger role than ever before in successful PR for brands (especially start-up businesses). I’ve heard a few bloggers rant about PR’s before, praise them, be frustrated with them, but in total honesty, this happens on the other end as well.  Here is what I look for from bloggers as a high-end specialised fashion PR who works with bloggers, stylists and magazine editors. 


    This sounds so ridiculously obvious, but you would be amazed at how terrible bloggers can sometimes be with this one simple thing. Yes, I understand you are busy, that’s completely fine. But please do check your emails once in a while. Maybe I’m far too old-fashioned, but it is honestly one of the most frustrating (and in my opinion, rude) things you can do to us. Even a ‘No Thanks’ email is appreciated from me anyway. I always personalise my emails and I never send out batch emails, so don’t be rude. A lot of people say it’s because they receive too many emails, but a few big bloggers (that aren’t full time) have taken the time to reply to me.


    A good PR looks at how much a blogger interacts with their followers, which (online) communities they are part of, and their general perspective on things. Personally, if you want to write a tweet about how painful your period is, I’m not going to be bothered or any other personal details. But if you start arguments over twitter, by that I mean nasty ones that are degrading to others. I will not be contacting you, because not only is it immature, but a brand does not want nasty individuals representing their company.


    ‘Can I have free stuff?’ This does sound out of some ridiculous blogger alternate universe, but people do genuinely ask that. The answer is no. I am a big believer of mutually beneficial, long-term collaborations with bloggers. Ones where we can build-up our profiles mutually. If you don’t offer me anything, I will not do the same for you.


    I consider myself a pretty alright person. Whilst, yes, I contact mostly bloggers with large followings (for a company with 18K followers, I aim for 18K+ on Twitter). The thing is, I have also contacted a few bloggers with less than a thousand followers on twitter, depending on circumstances and whether I admire their blog, whilst social media followings do matter, I also see potential in blogs to build them up. I also like to embed myself in the blogging community to see how active and influential they are within it.


    My job is made easier by bloggers contacting me. If you can make my job easier, then I’m game. At the end of the day, PR’s are just everyday normal people, any arsey ones as a blogger anyway, I wouldn’t particularly want to work for. Whether you have a small following or a large one, I am always open to suggestions from bloggers (such as collaboration giveaways, posts etc.).

    Honestly just be interested in the brand, if you love the look of a brand or the values of it, contact them! If you are genuinely interested, you may have a good chance. Treat your email header as a headline of a newspaper to grab the attention of PR’s and be fun, inventive and show you have the spirit of the brand itself. Don’t get down about PR’s not contacting you, why not contact them?
    I am talking from the experience of one brand I work for, Whistle Blower Clothing, a small brand. Take what I say with a pinch of salt and I hope these tips help you!

    What’s been your experience with PR’s? E x

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  • Great post; interesting to see the perspective from the “PR” side rather than the blogger!

  • I am not used to this whole PR thing and I do not know how to go about it at all so I was glad to see a post on this matter on wordpress. I just want to ask how you can tell whether or not a company really wants you and their email is personalised just for you or whether they just sent it off in bulk and aren’t too familiar with your blog? I guess I am just unsure of when to trust an email that comes through my inbox and when not to. Any tips/ideas? 🙂 x

    • It’s quite difficult to tell. I usually make a point of complimenting something specific to a blogger I admire, or knowing say for example that bloggers on holiday and I say ‘have a nice holiday’.
      I think the way to avoid this sort of impersonal PR is to constantly ask questions about what they want exactly. Short answers to questions you ask usually is a sign of them having sent it out in bulk and they’re getting loads of replies so they just put simple replies to bloggers.

      And also some are slightly disrespectful and demanding. Just ask as many questions as possible about what they’re proposing 🙂
      Hopefully that helps x

      • Ah right! Luckily, that is what I had been doing already out of curiousity itself. Thank you for your help! You should write a part two on this sort of thing since people rarely talk about this and people like me are always interested. It also seems much more truthful when it is written by someone who approaches bloggers herself.

        Thank you for your time in answering my questions and have a nice day 🙂

        • Oh it’s absolutely fine! I think I will make this a series as people have shown interest in me doing one.
          Thanks for commenting!
          E x

  • Ah I love this! I am so new to doing PR so these are such helpful tips. I totally agree about the responding to your email or interacting over social media. I cannot stand when someone can’t get back to me whether it’s a comment on social media or an email. I understand with comments sometimes they go so fast but if someone is reaching out to you, acknowledge it!

    • THANK YOU! It’s frustrating right?! Comments are fine, but if I actively reach out to you and you know I’m emailing you etc. why are you not replying?! Urgh aha E x

      • Couldn’t agree more! It’s like if someone were face to face with you and tried to get your attention would you just flat out ignore them? NO! So don’t do it online!

        • Gosh I hate it. It’s such a self-entitled attitude to have. I’d kind of understand if it was a huge company you know? Like I don’t expect a reply if I emailed Chanel for samples lol. x

          • Hahaha I get that if its HUGE but some girls I’m like ok cmon honey you probably get 100 emails a day, sit your butt down and get through them!

          • Yess! Like get over yourself lol! 😛

  • Loved this, so helpful!

  • Thank you this advice is really straightforward and as a blogger, I love to hear about experiences from a PR’s perspective. I bet working in PR is a real eye opener sometimes….!

    Laura | Loved By Laura

    • Thank you! I think a lot of people stress out about it too much! Yeah it is haha, another pet-peeve is when journalists take credit for a press release and put loads of spelling errors that weren’t in the original. This is only if I think the brand is getting a review, you know or an original article? Like urghhhhh E x

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  • jabi

    This is pure gold! Thank you!!

    • eleanor.hirst10@gmail.com

      Thanks!!! I’m gonna have to promote this blog post more… 🙂

  • As a newbie, this is super helpful. Thank you so much for writing this!

  • Grace Brown

    This was really helpful to read. I’m only a small blogger and don’t get contacted very often but its nice to hear from the PRs point of view! xxx


  • Fashion Du Jour LDN

    Thank you for sharing this! It is always nice and fabulously interesting to get the other side of the PR/Blogger relationship and thankfully see that we appear to be doing it right. We approach PRs and brands that we like every so often, big and small (we love finding up and coming brands as we are up and coming ourselves and love to grow together) and we have the same back, despite only having started just over 6 months ago. It really is so simple to have a great and beneficial collaboration but being clear on expectations from the start, staying in contact and mainly, just being nice and not “freebie driven” is key to both parties feeling it was a success. The huge majority of our collab experience has been amazing, with only one particular brand being hell-like…so we really can’t complain!😃

    Again, thanks for sharing!

    Love Nicky and Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x

  • These were some fantastic tips! I always feel a little shy when contacting PR’s first as I don’t want to be seen as ‘pestering’ them. I’ve always been so grateful for every opportunity I’ve had to work with a brand and it’s such an amazing feeling having one collaboration turn into a long time working relationship between my blog and a brand 🙂

    Toni x

  • Really enjoyed reading this, it’s nice to hear the other side. Personally i always feel a little awkward approaching brands as i don’t want to come across like i’m just after freebies but it’s nice to know it’s not completely frowned upon x


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