Plants For City Flats – My Plant Collection

This blog post is all about indoor plants for city flats, for the millennials out there. Beyond cacti and succulents, I’ve got quite the collection of indoor house plants.

My Plant Collection - Plants For City Flats

Recently, my obsession with plants has become a little out of control. See it all started with a simple cactus and succulent, like the basic white girl I am. It then quickly progressed on to an jalapeno plant and before you know it, I had a little collection growing.

Now everybody that knows me, knows I’m a bit ditsy. I honestly can’t help it and I have such a bad memory, most people are amazed that none of the plants I’ve had so far have died. In fact, they’re actually doing pretty well! My plant collection is honestly my baby. I find it so comforting looking after another living thing – it’s almost an act of self care.

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Okay, I’ve rambled on a little bit now, but here are my picks for indoor plants for city flats!

  1. Lavender

    Lavender is hardy as hell and also really easy to keep alive. This is because it’s a shrub and is naturally more accustomed to outdoors. Can you keep indoors? You actually can. This plant does thrive outside in the garden, but for most of us living in city flats, this isn’t really possible. It’s lovely to keep inside and as long as you have a sunny windowsill to keep it on, it will do fine! I water mine once a week thoroughly, it generally doesn’t need more than that.

    You can see my Lavender plant in the top left!

  2. Areca Palm

    This is my leafy green plant found in my bedroom. These can grow to be huge, but mine is only in a small pot as I don’t really have the room for a large one. I water mine once every few days and they are best for indirect sun. This is one of the plants that’s more susceptible to dying if you neglect it, so it’s not one I would recommend to absolute beginners. Not that I’m some kind of plant wizard, but it’s one that I have to keep an eye on.

    My Plant Collection - Plants For City Flats, Areca Palm, Succulents,

  3. Cacti & Succulents

    I’ve put the two of these together, because they’re pretty obvious. Most people have a cacti, or maybe that’s just who I hang around with. They’re easy to look after – they’re actually too easy to look after. They’re hardy and you only need to water them once a month at most. Overwatering is the only thing that will kill this plant really. It will do fine on a sunny windowsill or indirect, honestly this is a plant that doesn’t give a fuck. You can also get jazzy variations like my Zebra Succulent which has stripes, if you see above!

  4. Jade Plant (I think?!)

    I randomly picked this up in Durham one time, as the guy was getting rid of it. I rescued the runt of the plants to put it bluntly. Jade Plants want an adequate amount of sunlight, similar to Britain really to be honest. Technically, 4/5 hours of direct then rest of the time a bit cloudy (Like Britain). I’ve only had this for a few weeks so I can’t say too much yet. You’re also meant to wipe down the leaves for dust and things if you keep it indoors. It’s the one above that almost looks plastic.

  5. Venus Fly Trap

    Another recent addition, this is my more ‘oooh fancy’ plant. If you poke the mouth of each trap enough times, they will shut. Which makes me feel like the ginger kid with braces in Finding Nemo knocking on the fishtank. You know who I mean… I actually had to buy some fancy water, well I did anyway because I couldn’t be bothered filtering it. You have to either use rainwater or distilled water for this plant. You don’t have to feed it flies/bugs, but it will eat them if you want to try…

    My Plant Collection - Plants For City Flats, Venus Fly Trap,

    You’ve got to always keep the soil moist (ew that word) and water it by pouring water on a plate, rather than directly on to it. It sounds much more faff than it actually is. I use distilled car water which you can buy in supermarkets and it works fine.

  6. Jalapeno Plant

    Okay so when you think of plants for city flats, you don’t exactly think of vegetables. This is my pride and joy.

    My Plant Collection - Plants For City Flats, Jalapeno Plant
    I picked up this beauty at the Makers Market from Shrubbies (A stall owner). It’s absolutely thriving and I barely have to do anything. If you want to grow vegetables in rented accommodation, I would recommend peppers/chillis! I literally have to water mine every few days or so and that’s it. I’ve now got two fully grown jalapenos and it’s such a novelty to have.

    My Plant Collection - Plants For City Flats, Jalapeno Plant

So there you have it, my picks for plants for city flats. It’s no secret I love plants, I mean the collection has grown quite the amount. I also like to pick up a bunch of flowers every month, as per my New Year Resolutions.

All of these plants were bought from either the Makers Market, Altrincham Market or Northern Flower. Most of my plants are from local sellers in Manchester.

Do you own any plants? And have you kept them alive? 

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