Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel | Review

I recently received the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel through my mail, courtesy of a recent blogger sale featuring it. I thought immediately ‘man I have got to review this.’

We’ve all heard before of ‘brightening’ cleansers and let’s face it – they don’t work. Yes they may work in other ways, but actually brightening is so rare. This is where this cleanser comes in. Without sounding too much like an advert, it’s called an ‘illuminating vitamin melting cleanser’, but it actually brightens the skin. My skin feels so soft after about a month of trying it out. Scientific, yet natural, is the Oskia philosophy and you can definitely tell.

It appears as a pinkish gel at first then slowly dissolves into an oil and smells really relaxing for the evenings. Also use it on dry skin. Massage and cleanse yo’ face with it on for 2 minutes and you have a really clean face (if you’re wearing no makeup that is…)

I honestly feel like this would be great for any skin types, especially if like me, you spend your days in a smoggy city and feel gross by the end of the day. It feels really luxurious. Go check it out if you fancy pampering yourself.

I wasn’t going to switch my cleansers – I was actually going to attempt finishing my current cleanser. Well… whoops.

Buy it here (£25)

(Pssst. There’s also an Oskia sale on for Christmas gift shopping)

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