November Makeup Diaries: A Winter Makeup Look

It has literally been 6 months since I’ve done a blog post on my everyday makeup. Sorry. But I’m back and here’s what I’ve been mainly wearing on my face this month, makeup wise. I thought I’d ramp it up with a Winter Makeup Look series, as part of it.


I’ve been keeping it pretty minimal face-wise. Well when am I not. I did actually forget to put my current concealer in this picture, but for those curious it’s the L’Oreal Lumi Light Concealer. I’ve been testing it out and I find it’s really good at brightening under my eyes, if they’re looking particularly dire in the morning. It has a bit more coverage than the YSL Touche Eclat, which it’s often compared to.

Speaking of the Touche Eclat range, I love the Touche Eclat Foundation from YSL. This is such a good foundation for Winter, especially if you have dry skin. The formula is super rich, as a liquid foundation and one pump usually is fine for me throughout the night. However I do like a light finish.

The finish of the Touche Eclat foundation is quite dewy, not one I would use highlight with as well… It photographs amazingly as well and I wear this a lot for evening events. With Winter Makeup as well, I usually don’t need to double up my SPF, as my moisturiser has a high one anyway. And I’m also lazy.

Eyebrows wise, I’m using the S&G Archery Brow pencil. There are two different ones for this. One with a spoolie brush and a tiny little pencil and one with a bigger pencil. I prefer the larger pencil, even though this is the small one, because my eyebrows are quite big.

I am currently searching for the perfect powder at the moment, if anyone has any recommendations?


My trusty Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner will pretty much always be in my makeup bag. Always. It’s just honestly the best eyeliner I’ve tried and lasts for so long. Wearing this everyday does has its downsides though, I do sometimes find this practically tattooed onto my eyelids in the morning sometimes.

Eyeshadow wise I’ve been keeping it pretty minimal, I’ve been using the H&M Cream Eyeshadow base in Champers, a champagne toned cream eyeshadow. It’s got a little bit of glitter and isn’t the best cream eyeshadow, but for its price I can’t complain. I’ve briefly spoken about it more here. 

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Mascara-wise, pretty much every blogger has been on the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara hype. It’s just a fantastic mascara that I really can’t have any faults with. It just does everything you need it to.


I’ve just back on my red lipstick hype, but instead of a vampy red I’ve opted for a more Christmassy red. This is the Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Mayfair Red Lady. It’s more of a warm toned classic red, which I find suits me more. And honestly I love this as a Winter makeup lip.

Anyway, I should probably show you what it looks like:

November Makeup Look, Winter Makeup look,

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