Lip Liners To Make Your Lipstick Last

Lip liners are one of those beauty products nobody gives enough lovin’. Maybe it’s because there are so few of them on the market, maybe because we’re lazy, who knows? Whichever one you are, they deserve more love and I think I’ve found the best ones on the market that stop your lipstick from ‘bleeding’ and everything else bright lipsticks can do to us.

These ones are the NYX Slide On, Glide On, Stay On and Definitely a Turn On Waterproof, Extreme Color Lip Liner. And in NYX’s words ‘These lip liners are so good, the name had to be this long’. The shade’s I have are ‘Disco Rage’ (The Hot Pink) and ‘Red Tape’ (The Red One).

These lip liners are incredibly creamy and last a long time. I can’t even describe how much I love them. After being less than impressed with MAC’s offering, these were a pleasant surprise and in honesty I have to thank Emily Noel from YouTube for recommending them. Because NYX is such a new brand to the UK (in stores anyway) and I had no idea how to go about buying from them. So this video from her was really useful.

If you’re interested in learning what I pair these two with, keep on reading. Disco Rage I pair with pretty much anything that’s a little bit hot pink. I pair it with ‘As You Want Victoria’ from Rimmel and it’s a gorgeous colour I get compliments on all the time, so it was nice to find something to couple it off with. For ‘Red Tape’ I pair it off with ‘In Love With Ginger’ from, yes you guessed it, Rimmel. Can you tell I like Rimmel lipsticks?

I’m also going to be dying my hair ginger again! Well, more ginger that is. I can’t wait to get it done, as I’ve had it done previously and it looked fab. Look at me, woop!



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