My Top 5 #GirlBossMoments + Podcast Recommendations

If you’ve been listening to Sophia Amoruso’s podcast series, #girlboss radio, you will know exactly what #GirlBossMoments are. If you’ve not listened to it (question: why not?), let me explain. #GirlBossMoments can only be described as moments where you’re simply bossing it in work, life, and love. It can be from the littlest things to huge things. If you suffer from chronic, debilitating illness, it can be getting out of bed that day. If you suffer from Social Anxiety, it can be going to a social event.

Here are my top 5 girl boss moments…

  1. Managing to exercise:

    Sounds like a small thing, but let me explain. I have seriously begun to slowly love exercise. Even when I know I will get heckled on a run outside by men or I just feel terrible, I can drag myself on a run. I am not a thin runner, by any stretch.

  2. Getting a degree when s*** hit the fan:

    My best mate died, I was sexually abused and I lived in a town I had to bump into my abuser regularly. It wasn’t fun and honestly, I have no idea how I made it through university. First year was honestly hell. I was very suicidal, I felt very alone. In some ways, I felt like the ‘town slag’ and I was judged equally (Even though others would say I wasn’t judged in that way…) It makes me want to cry even thinking about those periods and that’s why they’re a #GirlBossMoments.

  3. Travelling Europe at 18:

    With my best friend, but still, this is a pretty good #GirlBossMoments. We went to Amsterdam, Berlin, Salzburg, Venice, Geneva and Paris all in 12 days. It was pretty intense, but honestly I loved how manic it was. We were also quite young to be going to all these places, but we didn’t get robbed so yay!

  4. I run a blog… and have stuck with it!

    Do you know how much effort actually goes into blogs? Trust me, it’s a lot. I can’t even tell you how many hours I have stressed, cried over a domain, but it’s worth it. Getting comments, feedback and people just generally being awesome is fab as a blogger. My writing’s improved a lot, I’ve learnt more about social media, and I’ve made some ‘blogger friends’ in the process! It’s a serious #GirlBossMoment I’m telling ya.

  5. I have not been late for work (Yes, this is still a #GirlBossMoment)

    I have to get a train at 7.30am. I wake up at 6.30am. So far, despite the terrible public transport of the UK, I’ve successfully gotten to work on time every day god damnit and that’s a Girl Boss Moment. Sometimes… I even get a Starbucks before work.

In terms of Feminist podcast recommendations here are a few:
#GirlBossRadio – You should read the blog post properly…
Call Your Girlfriend – Podcast for Online Besties everywhere!
Radio Four Women’s Hour – Self Explanatory
Guys We F***** – The Anti-Slut Shaming Podcast

What’s your #GirlBossMoment of the day?


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  • SpoonfulofBritt

    Amazing girlboss moments! Saw this post while scrolling through the hashtag girlboss on Twitter.If you can get through those moments than you can do anything girl!


      Thanks! Damn right girl haha. Such a lovely comment, I love the Girl boss podcast it’s so empowering!

    • How did I never reply to this?! Thanks lovely <3 x

  • Anything that makes you feel like a #girlboss … I even freelance under the label #BossLdy which might rise a few eyebrows but overall is a great reminder to stay inspired and keep doing our best to kick ass. Well done for all those achievements, you’ve clearly been through a lot and found a lot of strength. Keep at it! xo

    • Eleanor

      Thanks Peach! That’s a great name – It definitely stands out! xx

  • This is incredible Eleanor, and proper #GirlBoss moments. I have just finished reading Sophia’s book and LOVED it, feeling so inspired now! Will have to tune in to the podcast too. Immy x

    • Eleanor

      Thanks Immy! Glad you enjoyed reading. x

  • Sounds like you are getting your life sorted. Best Wishes x

  • Okay I don’t know if this counts but I got a spur of motivation today so I’ve been researching ways to start working overseas independently and doing some freelancing as well, I feel like that’s kind of a girl boss move right there?

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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