A Little Catch Up… My First Month in Manchester

So I’ve lived in Manchester for about 3 weeks now and it’s been a hectic first few weeks for sure. What with getting used to my new commute, learning the nearest supermarkets are, and joining new groups – I haven’t had much time for anything on the blog.

I also got a nose piercing which means I look super cute.

I’ve been mostly focusing on learning where I am for starters. If you’re wondering, I moved into a flat with a gal I hadn’t met before. I don’t know a huge amount of people in the city and most of my friends are spaced across the country, so the prospect of being lonely/alone was a little daunting.

But I’m here! And everything’s fine. (I think)

My blog has been lacking with content for about a month now, not exactly a coincidence. I really wanted to focus on developing a new group of friends and getting to know where I am. I think I’m ready to return to blogging now. So here are a few things I’m doing…

  1. Joining my local Women’s Institute

    I joined my local Women’s Institute a few weeks ago and it’s honestly the best. I’m quite fortunate in the sense that the Manchester WI is quite modern and diverse in its membership. There’s a craft club, book club, allotment, blogging group and more. It felt very much like a societies Freshers Fair on the first meeting.

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    I also bought a sweet tote bag and I’m actually heading out to the allotment this afternoon.

  2. Going to all the food places

    Manchester’s a super exciting place to be right now. What with all the different new food places opening and loads of new events, there’s quite a lot to do. I’ve got quite a few food places on my list and I’ve already written about some of my local favourite places in my food categories section. (click here…)

    I kid you not, I’ve consumed at least 5 pizzas within 2 and a half weeks. Impressive, right?

    (FYI Rudy’s Pizzeria in Ancoats is my favourite so far…)Rudy's Pizzeria, Rudy's Pizza, Manchester food, Manchester, Where to eat in Manchester,

  3. Going to art galleries and exhibitions

    I’ll admit I’m quite into art, poetry and history. #Nerd

    Being in the city centre has given me a little more freedom to go to these things. I’ve been to a few exhibitions so far and I still have a few on my list that I really want to go to. I did go to the Whitworth Gallery a few weeks ago to see the Andy Warhol exhibition that focused primarily on his ‘post-shooting/heart surgery’ work. (No less morbid way to say that…) and it was really good!

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    I like going to art galleries and museums on my own, just makes me feel quite zen and relaxed.

  4. Yoga/Fitness and Mindfulness related classes

    Not gonna lie, I’ve been scrolling through Eventbrite like an animal and clicking interested in most things. I love trying new fitness and yoga endeavours and the city’s perfect for it. I’m planning on trying yoga at the cat cafe (with cats included!) and aerial yoga for instance. I did go to see Ruby Wax speak about her Mindfulness book which I actually found out about through Nicole at Thrifty Vintage Fashion. 

    After a break from roller derby, out of frustration and busy-ness, I’m also back there.

On another note, I’ve also been experimenting with Bumble BFF. 🐝 I’ve been on one BFF date so far and I really enjoyed it! Will potentially be doing a post on it.

So there you have it, my first few weeks in the city! It’s a less glamorous Sex and the City.

What’s your piece of advice for moving to a new city?

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  • I was thinking about joining a WI! I know they can be a bit old lady but some (like Manchester) seem so cool. I’m currently considering a move, it’s scary but exciting at the same time. I hope you’re settling into Manchester well, it’s such a fab city! x

  • Courtney

    Moving to a new city is a huge step. I moved to a “new” city (as in I’ve visited it many times, but first time living there) in July and I’ve done a terrible job of making friends as I’ve been mostly focused on work and family. I’ll be moving to another new city this summer to be closer to my job and I’m definitely putting making friends/joining groups and activities at the top of my list! It sounds like you’ve done a great job of putting yourself out there with the Women’s Institute, EventBrite, and Bumble BFF (I’m interested in hearing more!). I’m glad you’re loving your new home!

    – Courtney


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