My Must Read Authors – Margaret Atwood

My love for Margaret Atwood’s novels knows no boundaries. And this is probably the most fangirly I will ever get in a blog post. Ever. Margaret Atwood is an author you’ve probably heard of, or have at least heard of her most famous novel, The Handmaid’s Tale.

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She’s a feminist, activist, essayist and general critic. Her books are very readable and you will have epiphany moments whilst reading them. And her books have likely made an appearance in Gilmore Girls. (and also my blog.)

What I love about Atwood’s writing is that she just gets to the point. There’s no ‘faff’ and she’s easy to read, which makes her a great intro to classics.

She raises excellent points about various issues.  Whether it be race, gender or debating if the planet will one day be taken over by robots. It’s all gravy with Margaret Atwood.

  1. The Heart Goes Last

    This is one of Atwood’s most recent books. It’s sci-fi themed book, but don’t let that put you off. It follows two people that want to desperately live a better life so they apply to a government program that promises a ‘suburban paradise’ from the apocalyptic outside world. As their stay goes on in this jungle, more and more rules are applied to their everyday lives. You can see where this is going. This is a great intro to Atwood as it’s not as ‘heavy’ as her other books, but she still raises relevant points.

  2. The Blind Assassin

    This is a novel within a novel. It features two sisters with both very different lives. Themes of domestic abuse and trickery run throughout this book. It details the impact of domestic abuse perfectly, exploring how it isn’t obvious. Naturally this is quite a heavy read and this was one of my first Atwood books so I don’t remember as much!

  3. The Handmaid’s Tale

    The Handmaid’s Tale is a great book that explores sexual subjugation and the objectification of women in an extreme apocalyptic scenario. It follows some ‘handmaids’ who are used largely to give birth to babies they don’t have contact with. Their worst fear is being infertile and it perfectly illustrates the pressures on women to be fertile in the modern age (something I worry about when I shouldn’t!).

  4. The Robber’s Bride

    This follows the paranoia women can feel over others around their partners/husbands. It’s a central theme in the book and follows Xena and alien-like ruthless woman through the third person. I LOVED this one. It really makes you think about what being a ‘powerful’ woman in the modern age is.

  5. The Penelopiad

    Have you ever noticed that in Greek Myth women don’t have voices? And if they are given them, they’re narrated via male authors? This turns Greek myth on its head, and gives Penelope in the Odyssey a voice. If you’re familiar with the Odyssey, you will realise how important this is as Penelope has a story of her own whilst Odysseus is pi***ng about in the ocean.

I would recommend Margaret Atwood’s books to anyone. Even if you’re not majorly into feminist histories or culture. Her plots are well written and she helped me get back into reading! She’s consistent and you can never go wrong. Whilst the image features Alias Grace, I still haven’t read it so I didn’t want to include it in this list!

Which authors would you recommend and which ones do you love?



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  • I think The Robber Bride is the only one of those that I haven’t read yet. I loved all the others. I just got approved for the ARC of her new book Hag-Seed. I’m so excited to read it.

  • I read the Penelopiad when I was in high school and half half read like three Atwood books! I don’t know why I haven’t finished them. Nice summary 🙂 x

    • Eleanor

      Thanks! 🙂 x

  • I haven’t read anything from her yet. But she does sound like a badass writer we need in feminism literature FO SHO!!!!!!! My ultimate fave authors are Sidney Sheldon & Gillian Flynn. Their books are cut-the-crap-and-focus-on-story like and ALL of them are amazing (their writing genre is mystery/crime thriller)

    • Eleanor

      Hahah! YES! I’ll have to check them out – They sound right up my street! 🙂 E x

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