Musings Upon Turning 23

I’ve just turned 23. Well I did on the 15th September, so not exactly ‘just’. I honestly can’t believe that it’s been more than a year since I graduated. A lot of stuff has happened since my previous birthday. But a few things have started changing for me!

Being 22 saw my long term relationship break down, my job and the start of losing friends. Woe pity me. But actually it’s been an incredibly fulfilling and happy year where I’ve really learnt a lot about myself and what I want.

One of the principle things I learnt was to not force relationships with people. This was because I was forcing a relationship with my ex partner when the connection was lost. I can cling on to people, not just relationships but friendships as well, not in a ‘clingy’ way, but I actually am quite sociable. I like talking to people and learning about them, so when something comes to a close, it can hit me hard.

Self worth and respect were also two valuable lessons I taught myself. I left a job that paid decently for freelancing myself. It wasn’t something I intended on doing, and fell into it. I was looking for a full time job during it, but freelancing did give me the confidence to think ‘hey I can do this’. Yes you get late invoices and payments, but I live with my parents so that’s not exactly a huge issue.

I recently read an article all about how millennials are less about working in a mundane job, but rather working towards happiness and fulfilment. And honestly I agree.

I think I’ve really grown into myself since university. As cliched as it sounds, I’ve really ‘found myself’ and hopefully 23 will allow me to grow even more. I’ve come off antidepressants and developed so much as a person – 23, come at me.

Is there anything you’ve learned with age? Leave a comment!


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  • I turned 22 at the end of August (yay virgos!) and I have just started my final year of university. I am absolutely terrified to death where I will be at 23 – my job, where I will be living, moving in with my boyfriend aaaaaaah. It’s going to be fun to look back when I am 23 and see where this next year takes me, so thanks for the inspiration! xx

  • I completely agree, I think millennials are seeking happiness above almost everything else (even if it compromises other things) but honestly I’m okay with that! I know for myself I strive for happiness first and foremost.

    Also unrelated but related, the latest season of Survivor is millennials vs. Gen X and it’s so good/interesting!

  • Happy belated birthday! I’m pleased to read that you managed to turn what sounded a very difficult and negative time into a positive experience.

    Ive just turned 25 and was absolutely dreading this birthday but in a similar manner, I managed to turn it into a positive experience, you can read about it here if you like:

    I hope the year of 23 brings you more success!x


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