Manchester + Paris = Luxemme, an outfit of the day.

Little disclaimer to begin with, this dress was sent to me by the brand Luxemme, which is very exciting. I am not being paid for this post, but I have been gifted it. If any other bloggers have been contacted by them, I received this in the post very quickly and the process was very smooth going! Should I actually talk about the brand now? Yeah, I think it’s time.

* photo below courtesy of StockSnap user Louis Pellissier: link here *
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The brand prides itself on providing luxury-quality items for affordable prices. Inspired by Manchester and Paris, their website harbours clothes of an eclectic variety, with many different styles, cuts and textures (like Manchester + Paris). I picked this dress solely for the reason that I wanted to work on my confidence with my body. I am quite body-conscious let’s just say. I wear quite clingy dresses normally, but one feature I try to not expose are my breasts. I’ve always loved plunge dresses, so if you’ll excuse the pun, I took the plunge.

I have to admit that the dress itself was too small, the slit went to far up and it possibly would have been a good idea for me to get a size 16, instead of 14. My breasts are a size 30H and 5 ft 9 which rode the dress up a little bit. Admittedly I did sew up the slit a little bit, just for my personal ‘modesty’ purposes. 
Regardless I will definitely wear this dress again, but I would recommend closely inspecting the measurements for their clothes! It feels very luxurious for the price, a velvety texture and is inspired by old-school Hollywood glam. As the night went on I felt more comfortable in this dress and felt not ashamed of my body.

A good one for us curvy gals for making us look hot (Sorry not sorry).

This Macey Plunge Neck dress is available for £28 from Luxemme.

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