A Little Trip to the Cat Cafe Manchester

This is not the first time I’ve visited the Cat Cafe in Manchester.

The first time was me wandering around getting too excited and completely forgetting I brought my camera with me. #Standard

The second time made for a little bit more of a successful trip and I had a lovely time once again. The Cat Cafe is situated in the Northern Quarter, about 5-minutes away from the Arndale and a 10-minute walk from Piccadilly.

Now let’s just get this straight, if you like cats and animals, you need to go. Cat Cafe’s are still quite a new concept and I’m so happy Manchester has one. This is the only one I’ve been to, but if you’re looking to chill with a couple of cute kitties for an hour or so, this is a great place to relax.

Aslan in the Cat Cafe, Cat Cafe Manchester, Cat Cafe, Cat Photography, ginger cat,

The atmosphere is quiet and all drinks are free, included in the price you pay for time. (A pay-as-you-go kind of system). It’s kind of the perfect place if you are feeling a little anxious or stressed and aren’t allergic to cats of course. I could properly switch off from everything else going on in my life right at that time and just chill.

I got a pot of tea and a hot chocolate in the time I was there and both were great. But I have to admit, I did get a bit distracted by cute kitties.

cat cafe manchester, cat cafe review, green eyed cat,

cat cafe manchester, cat cafe review, green eyed cat,

(Both of these above are taken by my boyfriend, Adam.)

I think some people do worry about the quality of life for cats in Cat Cafes. E.g. Are they well looked after? Can they get away from people if needs be? Is it stressful for them?

But to put any worries at ease, you can clearly tell in this one that these cats are very well looked after. Firstly, there are rules before you go in. You can’t have really young children, can’t use flash photography, can’t feed them human food, don’t chase them around etc. All the obvious things.

The staff let the cats do their own thing, but they are also very well in-tune to the cats and understand their needs. There are lots of spaces for the cats to escape from humans as well.

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What I also love about Cat Cafe Manchester is all the activities and sessions they run in the evenings. From yoga with cats to cosy film nights with blankets (and cats obviously), they offer lovely unique activities throughout the week. I’m tempted by Cat Yoga tbh.

Manchester cats, cat cafe, manchester, ygritte cat cafe, Aslan,

Aslan in the Cat Cafe, Cat Cafe Manchester, Cat Cafe, Cat Photography, ginger cat,

It was so easy to switch off because you’re distracted by cats and let’s be honest – pets destress most people.

In terms of how you get in, like most places, it’s busiest at the weekend. We got in without a booking quite quickly (within 5-minutes), but you can wait a little while sometimes.

“Booking is recommended but not essential- we work on a 50% Pre-Booked / 50% walk-in basis. Walk-ins cost £1 for every 5 minutes.”

All in all, Cat Cafe Manchester is a real little safe space and haven for people. 

You can book and learn more here on their website.

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Have you visited the Cat Cafe yet? What did you think? x


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