Why Leslie Knope Is The Feminist Hero We All Deserve

Why Leslie Knope is the Feminist Hero We All Deserve, Leslie Knope, Feminism

Me and my boyfriend have recently rediscovered the absolute joy that is Parks & Recreation and the beautiful Leslie Knope all over again. Leslie Knope – a feminist, carb-loving gal, who I think most gals have a little bit of her in them. I love Parks & Recreation, an absolute TV treasure I can just enjoy no matter how many times I watch it.

I think every gal, or gal I like anyway, has a little bit of Leslie Knope in them. She’s kind, warm-hearted and hard working and will always make her friends feel amazing. 10/10 top gal.

If you haven’t watched Parks & Rec, then where the hell have you been? Kind of like The Office, Parks & Recreation follows a Parks & Rec department in local government. It’s fully of amazing characters and it’s hilarious.

Here are a few reasons why Leslie Knope is the feminist hero we all deserve, in no particular order.

Why Leslie Knope is the Feminist Hero We All Deserve

  1. To Leslie Knope, friends come first.

    One thing I LOVE about her is just how much she cares about her friends. Leslie does not neglect her friends. She’s all about the gals and even celebrates it in the Galentines episode, which I’ve previously written about here. Valuing your friends is important and as you get older, well you start to notice the friendships that last a bit more. People come and go a lot in your early twenties (which I’ve also written about here) and dealing with that can be hard.

  2. She’s persistent.

    Persistency is what makes a great active feminist. And Leslie is as persistent as it gets. Whether it’s combatting stereotypes of ‘binmen’ by being a ‘bin-woman’, questioning those that try to mansplain her, Leslie Knope is pure goals when it comes to being persistent in life, whether that be politics, friends or relationships.

    Why Leslie Knope is the Feminist Hero We All Deserve

    She understands the value of persistency in combatting patriarchy, gender stereotypes and creating a more equal world. And that’s super important and actually rare really.

  3. She ain’t perfect

    She’s not perfect by any means, another important aspect of being a feminist. Leslie can check equally her own privilege, as well as others, and understands she slips up. See the thing is, being a white, privileged feminist can easily become a little bit narrow-minded. White feminism can only recognise and work towards a more equal world, but we will never as white women experience a similar to sort of prejudice to an Islamic woman or a Black woman, simply because well, we’re not that. (I’m not saying that being an arrogant white feminist who disregards other races is excusable – it certainly isn’t)

    Leslie recognises her slip-ups, apologises and moves on.

  4. She’s got big dreams and goals

    If you didn’t know, she wants to be President of the USA. She also has a stellar wall of inspiring women she looks up to, which is equally amazing.

    Why Leslie Knope is the Feminist Hero We All Deserve

    Leslie Knope knows exactly what she wants. She dreams big and knows she can get there. And if she sees a barrier, she immediately attempts to dismantle it.

All in all, Parks and Recreation is a pretty fantastic show. It makes me get that deep fuzzy feeling inside, as it’s so heartwarming and heartfelt. Plus secret power feminist heroes make me happy.

Why Leslie Knope is the Feminist Hero We All Deserve

Do you have any favourite shows? Love Leslie Knope as much as I do?