Leading My Happiest Blogging Life Yet

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Hello, folks!

Essentially a few months ago, I decided I wanted to treat my blog seriously, but in a different way. I wanted to write high-quality blog posts, foster engagement across my social channels and start worrying less about stats. I’ve been pushing through a rebrand recently and I do have a new blog header on the way!

Tracking my page views, follower count and search console data honestly left me depleted as a blogger. I started writing blog posts based on keyword rankings and stats – my writing as a result suffered. I couldn’t write with flow, I was treating my blog like my day job and beating myself up too much over what I’m supposed to love: blogging.

These days, I’m leading my happiest blogging life yet! And I’m writing with so much renewed vigour again – it’s so refreshing.

Posting less frequently in the last few months has left my followers and readers wondering ‘where is she?’ With a few DMs and personal messages being asked. By NO means am I in any way a big blogger, but it is so lovely to know I have a faithful audience of readers.

A few weeks ago, I went on a date with somebody that had read my blog previously. They knew me as a Manchester blogger, as a PR, because my SEO is fly apparently. I also went on another date with somebody else and guess what? They recognised my blog name again. Don’t worry, I’m not thinking I’m famous or anything. But it has left me thinking how little I want my space of the internet to be a big thing.

I love the comments I get. I love the engagement and frankly, I love the community. This is my little side project and I’ve decided I’m going to be focusing less on my stats. There is nothing worse than writing with no inspiration or vigour, it’s one of the most important things in being a blogger.

At one point, I was reaching 4000 page views a month and I could have done so much more to boost it. I’ve learnt that for me, not tracking stats, has made me a much happier person. It is so easy to compare yourself as a blogger to others and their growth. When ultimately, it is not my dream to be a blogger or to make money from this.

This place on the internet is my internal word vomit, place of self-expression and documentation of my life.

Sometimes taking a step back from your stats is just what you need to put things in perspective.  

What’s been happening with your blog? Feel free to leave your links below!

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  • Just found your blog this morning and I’ve fell in love! Your design is so simple, yet beautiful and you have some amazing content!
    Cant wait to see what else you’re going to post and how you’re going to change even more! x

  • I’ve all but given up on my blog stats. I don’t get much, and I don’t know how SEO. My page views are low. It consistent so I’m ok with that. Blogging is fun, I love it and it makes me happy. I’m glad you’ve decided to worry less about stats and more about the joy of writing.



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