My July & Current Favourites

Is it too late to do a July favourites? Possibly, but I’m doing one anyway. July was a great month for me and it was generally a great ‘happy’ month.


It’s been a bit of a lame beauty month for me. But I have been enjoying the Sleek Plumping Lip Crayons. I didn’t know these were supposed to ‘tingle’ when you first applied them, so I thought I was having an allergic reaction at first. They last very long – Well they last through my numerous cups of tea in the day. My only bug bear is that you have to manually sharpen them and they’re not exactly sharpener friendly. (This photo was slightly half-arsed, apologies)

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Gilmore Girls is life. Or so it seems right now. It took me a whole season to properly get into it, but it is so easy to watch. Now I’m on Season Two and it’s the best. The ultimate feel-good show and I love how the values of family and friendship are so important in the show. Another show I enjoyed in July was America’s Next Top Model. If I’m honest this is just a continuous thing and I enjoy it a lot. I also enjoy that there are a whole 18 SEASONS.


Video Games

I’ve been replaying The Witcher 3 recently as I can’t seem to find any decent games at the moment. It’s such a good open-world game that honestly warrants me replaying it. Similar to Skyrim/Elder Scrolls, but it definitely has its own quirks. The world is huge and frankly so well made.
It doesn’t function like Fallout 4 where you can basically ignore the main mission/quest, you kind of have to follow the main mission to get anywhere really.


I’ve been watching so many Gametubers it’s unreal. Also not surprising as I’m struggling to find new games to play at the moment. I love how distanced they are from everyday reality and just how nerdy it really is. Sips is my current pick of choice and I’ve been marathoning his Skyrim series and I genuinely laugh out loud at how ridiculous it is. Fab if you’re trying to distract yourself from anxiety or mental health issues.

Blogger’s wise I’ve been enjoying Lazy Thoughts recently. I love her blog graphics and just general writing and specifically this one about ‘getting tired of social media’ rung really true for me at the moment.


So dis girl joined the gym after running for months and doing at home workouts for a while. I like to switch up my workout routine because ultimately I get bored. I currently don’t have my routine down in the gym. But I’ve been appreciating having a full set of weights at my disposal. Along with Roller Skating/Roller Derby, my ass is gonna be great in a few months time.

This month has been hectic work-wise (but great). Generally I’m enjoying life at the moment. There is not a ‘books’ section in this bit as I haven’t particularly loved anything recently book-wise.

What have you been loving recently?



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