Jobs & Blogs – 5 Time Management Tips

Time Management is a skill y’all – A skill I’m just about to share. I have a full-time freelance position at an agency, a huge client for Social Media and a blog where I upload 3 times a week. My client takes up about 8 hours a day on top of the five days I’m already doing.

It’s a very busy (and exciting!) period for my life and I’ve got a few tips I’ve picked up. Time Management used to be one of those things I struggled with, I also am a self-confessed workaholic, but I’ve realised now that it’s important to have time to relax and chill as well. I’ve been through many a blogging crisis over this as I think many other bloggers have as well.

Google Docs, Google Everything

Pretty much everything from Google I use. I can’t stand Microsoft products – They don’t work, they’re buggy, slow etc. Plus I can’t easily access files unless I manually put them into dropbox. This makes me sound lazy, but honestly Google Docs makes a huge difference when I need to access a file on multiple different computers (Agency/my own).

Google Calendar

When I’m in the office, I use Google Calendar to manage my time and it’s got a really useful ‘reminder’ part that pops up on your screen for tasks! (Reallly useful for if you need to regularly email someone or need to do an Instagram post). I can’t stand paper to-do lists, sorry not sorry, so something digital that reminds me is so much better, plus I can’t easily lose it.

Use Your Commute Wisely

Do yourself a favour download apps that are useful. If you’re a blogger, download either WordPress or Blogger to proof-read your blogs. Download Buffer or Hootsuite and schedule some tweets, facebook posts, google+ posts etc. while you’re on your commute. Don’t have the photos you need? This is where the next point comes in.

Dropbox your Media

If you have videos, photos or any sort of media, upload them to dropbox as well. If you’re working on social media for a client, you can have everything you need at your fingertips. Even though the app is kinda hideous.

Use Your Lunchtime Wisely

Blogging is ultimately my hobby, even though sometimes it trys to creep into the ‘job’ category. But if I’m feeling it, which is increasingly these days, I love writing, replying to comments and doing bits of blog photography in my lunch break. I do get an hour for lunch so I might as well use it right?

The most important thing with my blog is to stop it becoming a job. It’s a hobby, I enjoy writing and I think that’s ultimately the most important piece of advice I can give for bloggers and professionals. There have been many blogs about this for bloggers, but I specifically love this one, even thought it’s the first one on the first page of google – The advice still stands!

If you stop it becoming a job, time management just gets easier, because you’ll be doing something you love.




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  • Holly

    Great post! I have a very hectic job which does take up most of my week but despite that it was my New Years resolution to start a blog. I definitely make full use of my commute to write, promote and respond to comments. Loved reading this post xx

    Holly at

    • Thank you lovely! It can be sooooo hectic blogging alongside my jobs, so I totally get what you mean. I’m also a bit of workaholic which I have to maintain as well 😉


  • I am just going back to work full time after maternity and I am going to have to make most of my Lunch hours for all my blogging.
    I’m working from home now so can’t use the commute anymore but will take half an hour before work too whilst having a morning coffee

    Carrieanne x

    Beauties Unlocked

    • I think a lot of the time it’s just a ton of admin related things as well that take up time. Writing posts takes a while, but then I’d say photos take longer? That sounds really cool though!

      eleanor x

  • Great post!!! I feel like I struggle from time management as well so I totally know what you mean. I was curious what freelance agent do you work for? I have wanted to get into freelance for a while now and I haven’t found any good freelance jobs.

    • Eleanor

      Thanks 🙂 I work for an agency in Manchester – I find that it’s often a case of just going up and asking them! You’ll often find that companies are in need of a freelancer for a one off job (which might turn into a regular thing) but they just don’t have the time to go searching for one 🙂 I also used to pitch companies in unique ways, so sending them something in the post for example. E x

  • Great post!!!! I always feel like I struggle from time management so I totally understand what you mean. I was curious what freelance agent or company do you work for? I have wanted a freelance job for a while now and I haven’t found any good freelance jobs.

  • NK

    Useful post! Do you use a to-do list app or content calendar? I find they help me prioritise tasks and allocate time. I also find the Self-Journal great for working towards my goals.

    Totally true about commuting – I’m annoying blocked from the internet by tunnels quite often, but am learning to work around it.

    Thanks for the tips!

    • Eleanor

      Yes I do! The self journal sounds interesting… I’ll have to have a look out for it. E x

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