In a long-distance relationship? Here’s what I’ve learned

Long-distance relationships are becoming increasingly common in this day and age. I am writing this post to all those fellow people that find themselves in a similar situation and just to clear up a few misconceptions… Whilst desperately trying not to quote the song from Disney’s Hercules, ‘I can go the distance…’. To give context, it’s not super long-distance. My boyfriend lives in Essex, whilst I live up North near Manchester. Travelling isn’t too bad and on the train it takes longer getting out of London to Essex, than it does actually getting down there.

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There’s far too much scare-mongering about long-distance relationships if I’m completely honest. Is it difficult? Yeah of course it is at times, but honestly it gets a lot easier. Little disclaimer: myself and my boyfriend are very independent and we always have been. I think our personality types naturally allow us to work with a long-distance relationship, if I’m honest. It doesn’t mean we don’t love each other and care for each other. The aim is obviously eventually to move into our own place when we’re ready. Some people can do long-distance, others can’t and that’s completely fine.

Before we officially went long-distance permanently (well for a while anyway), I did look at loads of ‘how to cope’ posts not gonna lie. These didn’t work disclaimer. A lot of them say: Skype every night, have a romantic dinner online and all sorts of cheesy things – honest to god, some of them are ridiculous. But some work for some people.

We Skype when we want to and when either is free. It’s as simple as that. You develop an honesty policy. Nothing worse than Skyping somebody that just isn’t in the mood to talk. But then sometimes you’re bursting to talk about your day. It just depends.0b6c0650-a064-4939-bf53-f81c76333513

You still get in arguments. I’m an emotional wreck of a person, there’s no doubt about it. You still argue, you still cry, you still make-up – at the end of the day, no relationship is perfect. Some may argue well if you don’t see each other for a while, you shouldn’t argue. But let’s be f****** realistic okay?

Doing nothing is the best. Do I want to make it ‘special’? Nah, because you know what is special – seeing your boyfriend when you’ve not seen him after 2 months. Again, some people want to make it extra special when they see their partner – but we don’t, we’re lazy.

In total honesty, at times, it’s like we don’t even live on opposite sides of the country – it’s so normal to be around my other half. A long distance relationship doesn’t change who we are.

So screw the haters – thank you for 2 and a half wonderful years George and Happy Birthday.



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