How to get over a Blogging Crisis

Every now and then, I go into what I’d like to call a blogging crisis. Just like now. A blogging crisis is that moment bloggers have where they wonder why they’re blogging, why are their page views not going up and is blogging really worth it? Even though my blog will, and always will be, a hobby. I sometimes forget that.

I started blogging in May 2015. Around the time I handed in my dissertation, I decided that starting a blog would be a good idea. I was sick of my degree, had organised a job for after university (which didn’t depend on my grades) and I found it difficult at times to stay motivated. Having said that, I did land a 2.1 degree in English Literature so can’t really complain! My blog got me doing something outside of my degree to de-stress and I don’t regret it one bit.

Whether we like to or not, stressing about blog stats does happen. Many bloggers go through a ‘let’s check my google analytics all the time’ phase. We’d be lying if we didn’t. Sometimes a post may not do as well as you want it to and that’s okay. Remember why we started this.

  • Your blog is your blog – Everybody is different and there’s no reason why your blog shouldn’t reflect that.
  • Stats worrying you? Everybody’s stats change. Sometimes its very difficult to predict when the best time to post is and if it isn’t your job/or sole income there’s no need to worry.
  • Work through it. Time solves pretty much anything, blogging included.
  • Or don’t. Sometimes taking a break from your blog is best – especially if you’re forcing blog ideas (famously called the ‘Bloggers Block’).
  • Realise that every writer goes through a block. It’s normal, we’re not superhumans.
  • There’s nothing wrong with your blog. Sometimes bloggers can be inadventently critical of other bloggers, because of how much we compare ourselves to each other. Stick to your guns.
  • Stop reading blog tip posts. Blog tip posts are either crazily helpful or… not. Don’t get sucked into reading blog tip post after blog tip post everyday. (Ironic because technically this is one)

Having said that, a blogging crisis has hit me (well a couple times now). I’m questioning everything about my blog and I feel like I’m getting nowhere with it at the moment. There are so many huuuge bloggers and vloggers. And when I say huge, I mean getting more than 100 views a day. I have no hate or bitterness to any bloggers I would like to clarify, still don’t understand why people hate Zoella for no reason. I appreciate all the comments and views I get on my posts, but sometimes I feel like I’m getting nowhere.

Blogging has given me so many opportunities. I need to remember that. I’ve been to a few events, received so many free goodies to write about and generally developed my writing and graphic design skills. I need to appreciate what I have, because I don’t want to become an entitled blogger that throws a bitch-fit over essentially little things. My blogging crisis is not the end of the world and sometimes we need to know that.

Personally, I like reading blogs that show all sorts of sides to that blogger. I also like reading themed blogs. My blog is going to stay as an eclectic blog of all sorts relevant to a young twenty-something fumbling her way through life. Simply because, those are the blogs I like to read.

These tips from FrannyMac are great as well on how to get over bloggers block.

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  • missphenom

    Great advice. What is your dissertation in?

    • It was on 1,001 Nights and the Representation of Women in select tales. Thanks for reading!

  • Nikki McCaig

    I loved this post! It was so comforting to know there are other bloggers out there who go through the same crisis’s I do, and you gave some really lovely advice! 🙂 <3

    • Awww thank you <3 Yes we all do – I'm glad to know that there are more people with similar problems haha. x

  • We all have those moments. Earlier this month I was stumped for ideas and was wondering how I’ll ever make it to 2 years of blogging, but when I stopped worrying about it I got a ton of new ideas. I think we all need little reminders like this to keep us going when we have our blogging crisises.

    – Courtney

    • Yes sometimes I’m completely overwhelmed by blogging, in terms of finding decent content to blog about. Thanks for reading Courtney 🙂

  • nicole

    i loved this post and agree with everything you said! Sometimes I just feel like my blog is one big failure or I get really annoyed because i get the urge to take some pretty outfit photos but I can’t erugh!!!

    • Aww! Outfit photos are the WORST – so hard to get right! Feel your pain haha. Thanks for reading – really appreciate it! x

  • This is a really motivating. I’m having a bit of a moment at the moment where I just can’t motivate myself and I don’t know why. I think this has helped me give it all a go again!

    The Makeup Directory

    • Eleanor

      We all go through it haha. We are human after all.

      Thank you for reading! x

  • Those are really nice tips for blogging crisis. I think I’m into one critical moment, I have too many ideas and I don’t have the time to actually excuting them, except working late at night, but then is it worthy? what I don’t get is how can you be PR & Social Media Specialist and think 100 views per day is huuuge, or did you mean per minute?

  • Awesome tips, especially the first one. Your blog is yours. It’s up to you to create content & choose topics or posts that fit your own personal preferences. Blogging is like any other creative form – photography, dance, etc. – the market will always be saturated, so it’s up to yourself to persevere. :]

    // ▲ ▲

    • Yes definitely! They always say the market is saturated for everything so I don’t think it’s any different! Ex

    • Definitely. It’s just important to stick to your guns with blogging haha. Thanks for commenting 🙂 x

  • Lady Writes

    Great post hun, it’s something we all go through from time to time and it’s about how you deal with it more than anything…attitude and all that! I’ve written about how even though the blogasaphere is big, there’s room for everyone because no-one has a blog quite like yours/theirs. It’s tough to remember in the moments where you doubt things, but that’s important for us all to remember. xxx

    • Yes exactly. It’s an oversaturated market, but pretty much everything is on this planet because there’s 7 billion of us. I totally get what you mean. xxx

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