H&M Beauty Bits – First Impressions & Review

I recently took a trip to H&M to peruse a sale that had my name on it. Instead, I purchased quite a few makeup items from them. I actually purchased these items after learning more about H&M’s unethical practices and now I feel quite guilty. So please do bear that in mind.

Firstly I purchased some H&M eyelash curlers. I heard about these a few years ago and wanted to pick them up. Some people scoff at whether eyelash curlers are actually useful, but I always feel a bit more glamorous using them. Plus these ones are super pretty. The curl they give is pretty decent and they’re only £2.99 – Bargain.

What really caught my eye however were the ‘Cream Fusion Eye Colours’. I picked up one in ‘Champers’, a champagne toned colour. These aren’t super long lasting, but I think for the colour I don’t really care. This shade’s super subtle and it’s one I’ll probably use every day.

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Above you can also see the ‘Eye Colour to Go’. This is a lovely taupe colour that has quite a bit of shimmer. I’m excited to use it as a pairing with ‘Champers’. These pencils are not overly pigmented, but the colour is definitely buildable. In honesty, I much prefer that they aren’t overly pigmented. I find that the colour of these lasts a little longer than the cream eyeshadows, but the shimmer is more intense.

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Okay, I don’t know about you, but lipsticks always instantly catch my eye. More so than anything else. I used to own a lot of lipsticks. Like a lot. I’m trying to get back into my lipstick, as I used to wear it virtually everyday. To be honest, I’m trying to be less lazy with my makeup, since I do own so much of it.

For me, I love a vampy lip. Anything Dita Von Teese esque is a good lipstick by me. These are creamy, but they do need a lipliner. They’re quite standard as lipsticks go, but they are super hydrating and comfortable to wear. Plus I kind of love the fifties esque gold packaging. H and M Lipstick, H&M Lipstick, H&M Beauty,

On a more personal note, I’d like to say, fingers crossed, that I have my blogging mojo officially back. I really struggle every now and then to get into blogging, simply because I do this as a job as well. Fancy catching up on my last beauty blog post?

Have you tried anything from the H&M range? What did you think?


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  • Such gorgeous photos, I haven’t delved too much into H&M beauty but Grapevine looks like such a pretty colour, definitely going to check that one out



    • Eleanor

      It totally is! I’d go have a peek 🙂 e x

  • Gorgeous photos! I’ve been really impressed with what I’ve tried from the H&M beauty line so far, especially their eyeshadow pencils xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

    • Eleanor

      The eyeshadow pencils are gorgeous. Love how shimmery they are! E x

  • Such pretty photos!!😍 I haven’t tried any H&M beauty products but I’ll need to check them out 🙃 Xx

  • Fab pictures. I’m trying my best to improve my photography skills. I’ll get there eventually.

    I’ve never tried H&M beauty products before but I have purchased a small kabuki brush and eyebrow brush from there and I love them.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Sabah || http://www.womanishaffairs.org

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  • Soph Cullen

    I love H&M lipsticks! theyre such good quality for the price xo