Harry Potter Studios, A Coach Journey and I

[vc_row][vc_column width=”5/6″][vc_column_text]Last weekend I went to Harry Potter Studios finally. A trip well overdue. If you’re curious or want a general nosey of the studios, you’re in for a treat, as this blog post is entirely about them!

Firstly, we got a coach trip down. It’s super cheap. We got our hotel room, evening food, journey down and entry into the studios for £110. Totally not sponsored by National Holidays – it was just a super good deal.

We travelled down on the Saturday from Manchester and got to the studios by early afternoon. It didn’t quite sink in that I was actually there until I got my ticket.

One thing I love about the Harry Potter universe is that there’s such a varied fanbase and community. Everybody there has seen the films, read the books and experienced the whole world of Potter and that for me made part of my experience there.

There’s a little queue when you first get in so they can let people into the studios in batches so to speak. It doesn’t take long, but it goes to show that this place is still pretty popular since it opened two years ago. You get to see the cupboard under the stairs as a little teaser.

Everything about the experience is super hyped up by the guides, which I love just an FYI.

You first go in and watch a short film featuring Harry, Ron and Hermione explaining the tour with some behind-the-scenes footage of their time on set. Then the blinds unfold and you’re presented with the doors into Hogwarts. At this point, I was getting super excited not going to lie.

The first room you enter is the Great Hall. And you get to walk down and feel like a right little Potter-head – it’s great.

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As you can see above, it was pretty magical.

It actually doesn’t look that big in the pictures above, but trust me the hall is pretty huge.

You then move on to the next area of the studios, where you are left to your own discretion and leisure to browse the studios. What surprised me is that it’s not actually chronological.

Remember that god awful suit Ron had to wear in the fourth film for the Yule Ball?

harry potter studios, ron, yule ball, HP Studios, blogger review, Ron Dress,

It made a pretty great return. 

And you remember that dress Hermione wore that every girl wanted? (or maybe that’s just me)

Also there.

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harry potter studios, HP studios, gilderoy lockhart costumes,

You then move into a larger open area, where you will notice a lot more people. It’s so much fun and I love the open design of the studios as it works so well. You actually realise how much went into the film and you start remembering everything that happened throughout the books and films.

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Fun fact: the portraits were actually all hand painted. So cool to see! We then moved on to the Gryffindor Common Room. You do actually get to see the Portrait in the first movie that opens for the little Gryffindors but there were too many people in front of it, unfortunately.

Here’s a little glimpse inside both the common room and boys’ dormitory…

harry potter three, prisoner of azkaban, costumes, props,

harry potter props, harry potter set, harry potter studios, elleanor wears,

You can also get a glimpse into Dumbledore’s office. We actually had a guide with us there at the time who showed us neat little things around it. You completely forget how much is in Dumbledore’s office until you get there! Including #CheekySortingHat.

Everything is there from Godric’s sword to the pensieve, I was honestly impressed with how much my HP knowledge has retained over the years.

Dumbledore, Dumbledore's office, harry potter world,

pensive office, dumbledore, dumbledore office, memory thing,

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Now we go on to one of my favourite rooms… The Potions Classroom in the Harry Potter Studios. Honestly, the animatronics in this room are ace and I loved it. You also get to see Snape’s costume and props, but I somehow could not get a decent picture of Snape at all.

potions-classroom-teacher, harry potter studios, HP studios, elleanor wears, blog review,

potions-classroom-teacher, harry potter studios, HP studios, elleanor wears, blog review,

Another section I loved seeing was Professor Umbridge’s office with the sickeningly pink home decor. (Which in total honesty I love)

You can see her costume and the little portraits of all the kittens.

Professor-Umbridge-Harry-Potter-Studios, Harry Potter studios, kittens, elleanor wears, blog review, harry potter,

Professor-Umbridge-Harry-Potter-Studios, Harry Potter studios, kittens, elleanor wears, blog review, harry potter,

What’s the new Forbidden Forest section like?

Well at least I was wondering anyway, what is the new section like? The new Forbidden Forest section features Aragog, Buckbeak and is fantastic. In honesty, it’s quite a small section, but then all of them are. It’s a little bit creepy this section but it’s so cool to see all the little spiders from the films, famed for Ron.

harry potter studios, giphy, ron

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In conclusion, Harry Potter studios was pretty f’in magical.

From the guides and staff to the sheer size of the studios, Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studios was fantastic and I’d highly recommend a visit if you haven’t already. The studios take approximately 3 hours, but you could easily spend a good hour or two more here if you wanted to.

If you haven’t seen enough photos yet, I’ve uploaded a few more below if you’d like a browse…

A more general update: I’ve had an incredibly hectic few weeks where I’ve been barely in front of my laptop at all. I mean it’s Sunday and I still haven’t watched the latest episode of RuPaul. If you’d like to read a few more of my personal posts, see here.

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