#FOTD: The Look that never changes

I’ve never done a #FOTD (Face of the Day) post on this blog, but I thought it was a little overdue. In some ways it’s quite a mundane post, but at the time I was writing this, I was struggling with a bit of an depressive episode and just needed to do something for this blog. When I say a ‘go-to’ make up look, I legitimately mean that. As many everyday people that wear make up, a lot of us, have stereotypical make up looks we go for everyday. This is one of mine.

I will be posting about depression and myself later in the month, and the ways I deal with it. I don’t think a lot of people are necessarily perfect when dealing with depression. You know that’s kind of the reason we’re depressed, it’s that some shit has happened which at that moment, we’re not equipped to deal with. Anyway, let’s do this!

A whole two photos of me?! Aren’t you lucky guys. I have already professed my love to Chanel’s Vitalumiere Aqua, which is gracing my face today. I have nearly finished the bottle and I am currently weighing up between two choices I have: doing the logical thing and using up my other foundations… or re-buying it. By that I mean I probably will do both and by more make-up and nonsensical things I do not need.

I also would like to clarify, I generally do not use blusher, my rosy cheeks naturally shine through by the end of the day and I’m terrible at applying it. Plus I like the Adams Family paleness during the summer, so screw the sun-lovers.

In terms of my eyes, I still use the Naked palette which I probably should of gotten rid of due to hygiene reasons, as I was one of the first to buy it 3 years ago… oops. Still, by far my favourite eyeshadow palette, it’s just da bomb.com. Soap & Glory’s Supercat Eyeliner is also my favourite eyeliner, my makeup usually consists of eyeliner applied in this fashion, I’m so adventurous right? Bourjois One Second Application Mascara, *spoiler alert*, it takes more than one second to apply. When I first got this, I didn’t like it, found it too clumpy etc. However it’s come into its own the past month or so, and the formula has probably dried out a bit so it works nicely! However don’t even get me started on how Superdrug’s plastic-security packaging likes to tear apart every make up item own when I get it home and you know, try to use it.
Also if you don’t own Nar’s Pro Prime eyeshadow base, get on that. 10x better than the Urban Decay Primer Potion in my experience and lasts for ages!

On my lips is Revlon’s matte balm in Striking Spectulaire, gorgeous matter balm but if you have any remnants of dry lips stay away. It does last a long time though! A slightly orangey shade, and the photos make it look deceivingly dewy, when it is not.

Face: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in B10, Rimmel Wake me up Concealer, Bourjois Java Rice Powder
Eyes: Urban Decay Naked Palette shades Sin and sidecar, with a tiny bit of naked buffer into the corner. S&G Supercat Liner, Bourjois One second Application mascara, Nar’s Pro Prime Eyeshadow Base
Lips: Revlon Matter Balm in Striking Spectulaire

How do you do your make up everyday? Anything that you generally go for?
As always, I love reading comments.

E x

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  • What a beautifully natural look (and can’t beat a bit of red lippy!). I am pretty much the same in that when I find a palette that I like I stick with it until I can’t scrape any more out… sod expiry dates haha! x

    Laura | Loved By Laura

    • Thank you! Yes, screw expiry dates haha! I paid enough for it!
      E x