Fitbit Charge HR: First Impressions!

Getting healthy & fit may be the last thing you’re thinking about right now, as you consume your leftover Christmas dinner. Regardless, this Christmas I received my very first watch, a Fitbit! With all the advertising of Fitbits going around, I thought it would be the perfect time to do a first impressions of it. In some ways, fitbits come under the category of ‘smartwatches’ and by that I mean, they don’t cost a small fortune. They’re nifty and comfortable, coming in a range of designs and features.

First of all, I’m quite impressed.

The watch itself is very comfortable to wear and has a long battery life (3 days with mine). I’m particularly impressed by the sleep feature of the watch! It accurately (or so it seems) detects your sleeping patterns! Brilliant if you ask me. I’m assuming it can detect via your heart rate. This is if you will be able to sleep with a watch on, but it sounds great for those who suffer with insomnia and want to track it. Fitbit, Charge HR, Fitness trackers, technology, fitness, health,

A bit of a geeky feature I enjoy as well is the ‘active’ minutes feature, which tells you how much you have technically been ‘active’ (burning calories) during a workout according to your heart-rate. Quite useful for those who, like me, like to track their fitness habits.

Fitbits are great for those who regularly exercise or are simply interested in tracking how much they are actually doing. Tracking heart-rates is also just a really simple way of seeing how much effort you are actually putting in with a workout and the results you are getting. It also puts my mind at ease as the last time I went to the gym, before my Fitbit, the machine told me I had a heart-rate of 150BPM… yeah, right.

You can also input your food into the app (similarly to myfitnesspal).

The fitbit is essentially an upgraded, better version of MyFitnessPal (the app). Definitely give it a look – oh, and here are the features of my Fitbit if you’re wondering:

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