‘Feelsin it’: The New App for Fashion Bloggers

Aside from the incredibly creepy title made by myself, a new app called ‘Feels’ has been produced. Feels is very similar to the now, slightly ‘old-school’ website called Lookbook. You upload photos of yourself in outfits for others to see, you can rate them, comment on them, and find where the clothes have been produced. After I had uploaded my rather badly lighted photo, I was forwarded on to a screen where they notified me if I was ‘spotted’. The photo also needed to be approved. I am by no means a model, or modelling material, preferring to be behind the camera rather than in front of it. Overall it’s a nice little app to upload photos quite quickly, the interface of the app works incredibly well, but the ‘modelling’ aspect of the app could put some people off.

It is also important to bear in mind that I have very limited space in my university room, and I am quite tall with a big figure (40″30″40″). This room cannot fit me in it to model with so I tried my hardest in limited space and also limited shampoo as you can tell. My tripod also broke today (sad face).
This app appears to have quite a formal function to promote fashion bloggers to a modelling and brand market, however I can
see with time this app becoming quite popular for those beauty and fashion bloggers out there. The way the app works is incredibly simple, you swipe left or right to browse certain individuals outfits and you swipe down to more generally browse.

You have no idea just how long it’s taken me to upload this to my blog because the internet has been dying every couple of minutes or so.

This app review was originally written for serenbangor, please check our newspaper out which I edited the fashion pages for! seren.bangor.ac.uk

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