Feeling Frazzled in the Modern World, A Millennial’s Anti-Guide to Stress

Pretty much everybody has heard of the benefits of mindfulness these days. Frazzled by Ruby Wax is the perfect book for the millennial overwhelmed by the modern world. FYI, this isn’t really a guide, this is more of an anti-guide.

And when we’re not stressed, we’re stressed about being stressed. Oh, the irony.

We are Frazzled, all of us

A few weeks ago, I went to watch Ruby Wax at Manchester’s Central Library discuss her latest book, Frazzled: A Guide to Mindfulness in the 21st Century. FYI not sponsored by Penguin, I actually discovered Frazzled through Thrifty Vintage Fashion and bought the book. Whilst reading Frazzled, all I could think was ‘JESUS CHRIST FINALLY SOMEONE GETS IT’.

We can eat all the green smoothies, gluten-free and organic foods in the world, but ultimately, stress is a huge factor in overall health. But we keep ignoring it as a factor – because it’s one that can’t be instantly cured. It’s accepted that being permanently a little bit anxious is healthy when it really isn’t.

We’re obsessed with constantly being productive all the time and simply put, it just isn’t healthy.

Frazzled by Ruby Wax shows just how much everybody is concerned with having it together. The book begins describing one of her first mental breakdowns at her daughter’s P.E. day. Wax describes how she had no idea what was coming on, but as soon as she let her emotions sink in she mentally collapsed. Well pretty much. It involved a sectioning and numerous ignorant comments in the hospital such as, ‘just cheer up’ or ‘at least it’s not cancer’.

In her words, nobody wants to feel like the ‘crazy one’, ever. We want to have everything. We want to be constantly mentally stable. Indulging in our emotions isn’t something we have time for as millennials, that is, until we reach a breaking point.

In Ruby’s words…

500 years ago no-one died of stress: we invented this concept and now we let it rule us.

Ruby, a woman of many academic achievements, describes how we’re attempting to programme our brains to accustom to stress. What I found most interesting about the talk is how she explained all the physiological and psychological effects of stress. How a 1000 years ago we were stressed about being eaten by a sabre tooth tiger, but now it’s our day jobs or lack thereof.

As a young woman that’s recently moved to Manchester City Centre, I felt a little overwhelmed mentally in the first month. I essentially exhausted myself with my anxiety. I am a country spirit at heart and in honesty, I knew it was a risk moving for my mental health. But I’m doing pretty good and I’m so glad I took the risk.

I’m still pushing myself with my anxiety and it’s annoying. Being stressed ain’t healthy, but at the same time, I still want to do things. It’s knowing how hard

It’s knowing how hard to push myself. And more importantly, when I should stop. Mindfulness helps me to destress and gain perspective. It’s something you can do on your commute.

Mindfulness helps me to destress and gain perspective. It’s something you can do on your commute, making food, or even on the loo. I’m currently experimenting with it, but I’ve found the techniques help to a certain extent.

What do you think of Mindfulness? Tried it?


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