Februarys’ Makeup Diaries & Favourite Products

Another month, another round of beauty products fall into my basket at Boots (oops). If you’re unfamiliar with this concept, I essentially have a select group of makeup products I rotate between each month, so I decided to turn it into a series. These are the makeup products I will mostly use for the month of February, as I was sick of seeing products I just wasn’t using. Some of these products will be entering my capsule makeup kit. I should probably get onto it shouldn’t I?

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Let’s firstly talk about NYX cosmetics. If you didn’t know, in Manchester Arndale, they have opened a NYX counter in the Boots. Naturally, I had to pick up some things.

I picked up one of their lip creams and their HD primer. The lip creams are well-raved about and you can find loads of my fellow bloggers falling in love with them. First impressions: I’m impressed. They legitimately stay on all day and whilst they do fade, there is no bleeding. The shade I am wearing is called Cannes. A slightly darker shade than my natural lip colour, if you want a bit more definition to your natural lip colour (if you’re as pale as I am), I would recommend. Whilst the shade range for the Lip Creams is large, they are limited in a way. It’s mostly made up of slightly more bright, outrageous lip colours, but this is one of their more nude ones I  liked.

NYX’ HD primer I also used in this tutorial. On initial impressions, I like it. It doesn’t have that insane ‘siliconey’ feel quite a few face primers do. The initial colour of the primer is stark white. This does fade as you rub it in, but I can imagine with darker skin tones it might not work due to that. I used the tinest amount and my foundation did last longer. They do have a range of different primers and if you’ve posted about any of the others, I’d love to know more!

YSL Touche Eclat Foundation is an old favourite and not the most travel safe! However I use my hands to apply this foundation and you could depot it easily into another pot for on the go. It’s got quite luxurious packaging which is beautiful and doesn’t get messy easily (bonus right?!) The shade range is, yes you guessed it, limited. I’m in the palest shade. This foundation can be one of those ‘let’s suddenly go orange’ foundations and whilst I do like it, it’s not my utmost favourite. However, it does photograph beautifully and it’s my go-to for those occasions.

You may have noticed also the rather large palette… Yes, that’s the Kat Von Dee Contour Kit. I bought it from a fellow blogger that was selling it, I’ve been trying it out and enjoying it. It’s an incredibly natural looking contour kit, coming in three different shades. I use the one on the far left in the picture, however if I wanted something more dramatic, the one on the far right is also good! The shades at the top I used as concealer setting powders. Regardless, it’s been a nice little treat and if you’re into contour as a pale person, these are some great shades that aren’t too warm toned!

I haven’t gone into detail on the eyebrow product and the gel liner as I’ve already expressed my love for those in my previous makeup diaries and I’m still using them. Plus my eyebrows here aren’t great as I lost the brush I use for them (very sad).

As always, if you would like more in depth product reviews please let me know!

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  • I need to get myself to Manchester and have a look at that nyx stand! Great post! x


    • Thank you lovely! Really appreciate the comment – and yes definitely. x

  • The lip colours is so pretty, I dread to think how much I’d spend at the NYX counter haha!

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

    • Eleanor

      I know I resisted haha (still spent £40 though…) x

    • Haha exactly! I spent a lotttt…

  • They recently opened a NYX store where I live, but it’s still pretty far from me so I haven’t stopped by yet, they have amazing products!


    • Eleanor

      Yes they do! I’m really excited to try more of their stuff – Love it when a new counter opens at Boots 😉 x

    • Yes, I’ve never tried them before but I’ve been enjoying having a new brand to try! 😉 Not that my bank account has…

  • Rosie Adam

    I love the NYX matte lip creams! I have yet to find a store in london that has a NYX counter but when I do find one I’m gonna have to raid it! I can’t wait to get my hands on Abu Dhabi

    Rosie at Damzel In This Dress

    • Haha, hope you find one soon! I’ve been really enjoying it so far – Can’t wait to pick some more up!


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