The EU Referendum & dealing with disappointment

The EU Referendum Result has made the last couple of days pretty tough to be a ‘Remainer’.

The morning I found out I felt physically sick. Because you know that the 52 percent of those that voted ultimately were misled or ill-informed. Sorry.

52 percent ultimately fell for right-winged politics and believed that their money would be reinvested into the NHS or British Industry. And then we have those that were actually just racist. You’ve fallen for a trap, well done.

I understand it goes deeper than this. But unfortunately for the Leave campaign, it was fronted by idiots. There are legitimate reasons to leave the EU I get that, but I only heard the stupid ones being said and this is more a rant about that.

I got a leaflet a few weeks back through the post with the words, ‘imagine if Turkey joined the EU’. And that was it. There was no argument other than that. It essentially assumed that I, as a member of the British Public, have a problem with Turkey, Iran, Syria or any other middle eastern country.

That’s what bad. This inherent racism has finally become the norm where right winged parties will simply assume you’re on their side, without even producing an argument.

I was talking to my driving instructor about how his Brexit father believed ‘imperialism’ would ‘make Britain great again’. His father believed that Britain should still own parts of India and that we need an Empire back. His father said ‘well we gave them the railways’ – as if that gives us such a right.

This sort of entitled nationalism has reared its ugly head since the EU Referendum result. The disgusting comments made by the Leave campaign shows we genuinely think we’re entitled to more than we are.

This whole country was built up by the EU from the second world war. The EU was designed to prevent fascism from rising again in Europe. And we’ve just left it. The EU is the most democratic it gets, it votes all its members in and all the representatives are voted in. Whether it’s a big or a small step, voting Leave is voting a step a closer to fascism.

We’ve become the sort of nation that only welcomes immigrants if they can provide us with some sort of takeaway dish to clog our arteries.

I’m left here trying to deal with the ultimate disappointment of the EU Referendum result. And whilst yes baby boomers, old people have a right to vote – They’ve really hit the last nail in the coffin for every young person out here that has to live with the consequences.

Regardless, we need to move on and upwards. I’m hopeful. We can bring make Great Britain welcoming again and frankly it has to get better than this. I felt like mourning this Friday. I couldn’t concentrate at work, it’s all Social Media was talking about. But we can get through this.

We’ve left the EU because Leavers believed a right-winged lie and whilst I’m not someone to say ‘I told you so’, if shit hits the fan, I’ll fucking say it in 20 years time.

I don’t believe that we should call a second referendum. It’s democracy, we should stick with what we’ve been given. Let’s see what happens.


I’m Eleanor, a UK Manchester based Lifestyle & Beauty Blogger. I write about beauty products, feminism, mental health and my adventures in the big city of MCR.